I Got LOST Last Night!

A fridge full of Dharma drinks at the "Lost" party.

[I didn’t literally get lost in a geographical sense… although strangely enough my Google Maps directions to my friend’s house were totally off, but every time I decided to turn around, I’d end up on the correct street. And then once I parked I couldn’t find my friend’s place, and ran into a stranger who was looking for a different gathering next door… so that started off the night on an appropriately odd foot.]

So I went to my friend’s “Lost” party last night, and I was “that girl who has never seen an episode.” BUT as much as the guests scoffed and scorned, I had done my research, and I’m pretty sure I kept up at least as well as the rest of them. (Get it? I *got* “Lost”?) My gracious host sat next to me, whispered a bit of backstory where I needed it, and allowed me to make a few jokes from time to time.

Here are some things I learned watching last night’s episode–

-I can’t tell the difference between Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) and Sonya Walger (Penny). I really thought that Juliet was Sonya Walger, until the other party guests informed me that, no, Juliet is NOT on “FlashForward.” And… I am still not completely convinced otherwise.

-The smoke monster has tentacles, like Ursula the Sea Witch. (I’ve heard about the smoke monster, but really didn’t expect to see it on first viewing.)

-Airplanes WANT to stay up.

-Jack’s “I’m-doing-CPR” face is inappropriately sexual.

-There are Dharma sharks (and Dharma peanut butter).

-Kissing somebody with blood-crusted lips is kind of more gross than romantic. For this viewer, at least.

Ian Somerhalder (aka Boone, aka Damon from “Vampire Diaries”–looking pretty much exactly the same) (maybe he wasn’t allowed to alter his vamp-hair?) (maybe he always looks like that?) appeared ever-so-briefly in the [SPOILER] plane-didn’t-crash reality, but since we’re following what happens to everybody in that reality, I think he miiiight be back? Even if it’s just one more scene? I swore he said that he flew to Hawaii to do some shooting, but the one scene we saw was in an airplane… which probably would have been shot in LA? I don’t know.

Boone and Locke were sitting in the same row on the plane, and Locke told Boone that he’d just been on a great walkabout (?) in the Australian outback, where he slept on the floor and hunted wallaby… actually, I don’t remember what he said he did, but it was all very manly Crocodile Dundee stuff. My host explained that Locke TRIED to go on the walkabout, but since he’s in a wheelchair (which Boone can’t tell, sitting on the plane) he was turned away. SAD. It doesn’t sound that sad, the way I described it, but trust me— SO SAD. TRAGIC.

I didn’t realize that the premiere was 2 hours, and when it cut to black at 10pm with Locke getting wheeled off the plane I couldn’t believe it would end on such a depressing note. But luckily… another hour! The temple (of doom)! A Japanese guy who tends bonsai trees and doesn’t like the way English tastes on his tongue!

I watched some of the pre-episode recap show, and the people at the party kept telling me emphatically that everything was much more dramatic the first time around. It’s kind of hilarious to see people yell really intense lines out of context. I’m very intrigued by the whole Jacob thing… it’s all very Biblical, isn’t it?

In case you can’t tell, (as the girls said on “Conveyor Belt of Love”) I’M INTERESTED! But I think I need to find a person or persons to watch “Lost” with, because it seems much more fun to do the whole “WHOA!” thing with a group. (It’s very EMOTIONAL!) (They say it’s the same with pot– if you have a positive social experience, you’ll want to smoke again. And… I think there’s a high involved in both pot-smoking and watching “Lost.”) And I kind of wish I’d been on the bandwagon a few weeks ago, when everyone was marathon’ing seasons 1-4.

How’d you feel about the premiere?



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