Checking In On My BIGGEST LOSER Favorites

Stephanie > You

After the “Biggest Loser” premiere I chose 3 favorite teams: White (Michael & Maria), Orange (Daris & Cheryl) and Yellow (Sunshine & O’Neal). That was about a month ago. Let’s see how my little big losers are faring… and add Purple Stephanie to my list.

All of the young women on this show are Snookin’ for Love (I can say that because it’s not yet copyrighted… you just wait), and I think that Purple Stephanie is going to land a man in the very near future. She’s already beautiful, and once she loses the weight she’s going to have a huge confident boost. Watch out, boys!

Stephanie “lost” her mom (aka her mom got sent home) several weeks ago, but Stephanie never complained about losing her support system. In fact, Stephanie seems to be a rock for the other contestants. Last night when Jillian told the women (and Michael) to run for five minutes on the treadmill, several of the women (especially new-to-the-ranch Sunshine) seemed dumbfounded by the challenge. But Stephanie encouraged them all through it like a pro, even though she was just as tired and unsure as the rest of them. For that, I love her.

As I hinted at above, this week Sunshine & O’Neal (don’t they sound like a ’70s band?) returned to the fray and won back their slot on the ranch by losing more weight than the Blue team (they did great, too). They also seem like really great, supportive people to have around– and luckily they didn’t have to make any enemies last night, because Brown John got an automatic send-home.

Michael “lost” Maria a few weeks back and people seemed to doubt his commitment to Sparkle Motion, but last night he surprised everyone (including himself) when he won the pushy-thingy challenge. He is getting a major ‘fro (as is Daris). I can’t wait until makeover week. (Red Lance’s dangle-beard, especially, has to go.)

Cheryl kind of faded into the background after her week-one primal insanity moment, and Daris was struggling because he was failing to “hit his burn” and kept getting low-ish numbers. But this week Jillian finally had a talk with him and tried to make him realize that he was more than the designated “funny fat friend,” and he ended up breaking into the double digits. It was surprising because Jillian didn’t “break him” like she does with a lot of the contestants. She just had nice little chat. Jillian works in mysterious and surprisingly effective ways with the individuals.

I’m still really curious to see how Daris will look once he loses the weight and the ‘fro. He should start taking dating lessons now, if those are a thing. (And if they are, I am offering them? For… $700/hour?)

Speaking of… next week they’re training with Olympians! Inspiring Olympians! And two people are getting voted off… it’s the end of team weigh-ins.

And… oh yeah–I have to mention this. She’s not on my faves list (although she is Michael’s surrogate mom?), but Miggy had a freakin’ appendectomy and came back to the ranch and walked like 40 miles during the next three days. WTF. That does not seem like a recipe for recovery. But whatever, she lost five pounds. Next week: her stomach falls out through her ruptured surgery site. And she can never eat solids again. Problem solved! (Just kidding. I hope.)

Apparently when you have surgery, the doctors pour gallons and gallons of salt water into your body? That seems like a bad idea? But what do I know? I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on TV. Truth is stranger than fiction, etc etc. I can’t handle the truth!

Have a safe week, exercise with care, and try not to let your appendix burst. If it does, just start drinking salt water as fast as you can. (And if you think your appendix has burst and this is the first thing you found in the Google results… please stop Googling and call 911 immediately.) (And don’t drink salt water! For the love of Jacob!)



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