LOST Season 6 Premieres Tonight- Duh.

We're all very confused.

Unless you have been stranded on a mystical, time-hopping island in the middle of the South Pacific, you probably know that “Lost” is on tonight. And if you’re on the East Coast, you’re probably watching it right now.

Truth be told, I have never seen an episode of “Lost” before. But I’m going to my friend’s “Lost” party tonight (free pizza and Dharma beer— he made really pro labels!) and didn’t want to be the stupidest noob around, so I watched a few online recaps (here’s that big-Italian-family one) and dove into the Lost Wiki. Did you know that The Others have a book club? That’s pretty hilarious. Maybe I’ll have to go back and watch this show, after all.

And I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to talk while the episode is airing. Or I’ll get voted off the island. (Wrong show? Wrong show.)



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