At Long Last…

What's with the burger? Can vamps eat or WHAT?

Finally FINALLY finally, “The Vampire Diaries” returns tonight. The episode is called “Bloodlines,” and we know from the preview (and… duh) that Elena is not dead. (Last we saw her, she had just smacked her coche into something wicked that was coming her way.)

The official CW website has posted a ton of new stills, including a whole bunch of flashbacks in episode 113. Gotta say, I’m a little bit jealous. I want to rock a frock!

Much like vampires, croquet will never die.

I am very excited! I don’t know if I’ll post a recap. Let’s be honest: Probably not. But stranger things have happened. If the spirit says recap, I might just have to do it. Just a few little off-the-cuff remarks. Maybe. Don’t get your hopes up.

But DO get your hopes up about tonight’s episode. I am really hoping it’s great. Fingers crossed! This show is one of the few that hadn’t crushed me with disappointment lately, so I think the odds are good. (And is it too much to ask for Elena and Stefan to make out? It probably IS too much since last we saw Elena she was PISSED at big S, but hopefully they will kiss and make up ASAP.)


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