Snack of the Afternoon, 1/8/10: FIBER ONE BARS

Don't judge.

A few months ago, one of the writers decided it would be a good idea to purchase a few bouncy blue exercise balls. People like to sit on them, instead of chairs. It’s a thing. So I stole one of them from the writers’ room, and bounced happily on it for a few days. Yay! Until my butt/thigh muscles went, Nooo!

Way back in my sophomore year of college, I took a yoga class and REALLY enjoyed it. I tried to keep up my yoga-doing after the class ended, but that didn’t last long. I’d go to a class or two at the on-campus gym, and then I’d get too busy or whatever whatever. But if I went on a date and the guy asked what I liked to do to keep active, I’d lie and say that I was just about to start up with my yoga again. I mean, it wasn’t a total lie. I really did want to get back into it. But my timeline was vague.

So… after the blue ball incident (ha), I decided that maybe some yoga would cure my sore muscles. I am cheap, so I just went to yoga classes at my gym (I had a pass, but never used it). But I got confused reading the online schedule, and showed up for yoga on a non-yoga day. I didn’t want to look like an idiot and leave five seconds after I got there, so I hit up the elliptical machine. And then I decided to keep it up, so I’d be in shape for next week’s yoga class…

At the same time, I was watching “Biggest Loser” every week with Rachel. I’d watched it on and off in previous seasons, and toward the end I’d always get upset, realizing that these recently obese people suddenly looked better in a sports bra and bicycle shorts than I did. So I decided… I’m gonna show those losers what a REAL loser looks like! (Ha.)

I read recently that people who practice yoga are more mindful eaters than anybody else. And I guess that has become true for me. My new goal at work is not to eat the Pringles, or the random junky cookies… basically all the things I’ve been writing up as my “Snack of the Afternoon.” I’m not saying that Fiber One bars are manna from heaven, but I can say to myself, “Okay Elysse, this Fiber One bar is your only snack. No other snacking. No Pringles.” And I’m getting 35% of my daily fiber. (Apparently.)

Sorry to be boring. I feel like a granny, but at least I’m not lying to da boyz when I tell them that I do yoga. Right? Right. (And really, it’s not about da boyz. If a guy kinda condescendingly asks if you get any exercise other than typing, he’s a dick.) And I’m even doing some running now. I can do a 10 minute mile on a treadmill. That’s my version of a marathon. (One day I ran two miles… maybe a 5K is in my future.) (And after that, a hip replacement.)

So yeah, my snack of the afternoon is a Fiber One bar. Oats and peanut butter flavor. I think it’s pretty delish. I couldn’t hang with the mocha flavor, though. Wayyy too strong for me.

Hit me up with recommendations for health junk (ha) like this. (I am also eating Balance Bars for breakfast. I’m in the cult now.)



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