Not pictured: Plastic spork, c. elementary school.

This was not really a snack trek for me, because the Kogi Truck (one of them) came to our office. But in real life (I work in TV, which is not real life) the Kogi Trucks move around, and you have to follow them on Twitter to know when or where they’re going to pop up in your hood… or you drive out to wherever they are.

I have heard a lot of hype about these Korean BBQ tacos, and you know what? For once, something lived up to the hype. THANK YOU. The tacos were a little bit spicy, had a nice amount of veggie crunch, and the best part– savory marinated meat. I mean, I’m not converting to their religion, or whatever. But I enjoyed what I ate.

I ordered a short-rib (beef, apparently), a chicken, and a tofu. But I only ended up getting two tacos. I think one was the beef, because I know what a beef is. The other was probably chicken, but might have been pork. The problem is that since I don’t eat pork, I don’t know what it tastes like. So I can’t tell if I’m eating not-chicken. Does that make sense? I have a history of ordering not-pork and ending up with pork, because God loves to play jokes on his Jewskis. Some funnier than others.

This guy's not laughing.

Coincidentally, the Kogi truck is hitting up my itsy bitsy hometown tonight. So if you’re reading this from my hometown (you know who you are)… hit up the Kogi Twitter and hustle over there. $2/taco. Not bad. Not bad at all.



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