My Mind is Blown

Community - Photos - NBC.com_1256872336393
Alison Brie as Annie on "Community."

I was reading some blog-article about “Community” the other day, and I noticed that it said that actress Alison Brie is in both “Community” and “Mad Men.” I had a moment of Huh, and then thought, Oh, she must play one of the secretaries.

But “Community” is on my TV right now (I’m just waiting for “Parks & Recreation”… sorry), and I realized, HOLY SHIT. This mouse-y Annie girl on “Community” is TRUDY CAMPBELL.

What the WHAT? Alison Brie as Trudy.

I guess it’s a testament to Alison Brie’s range that I had no idea that these characters were played by the same person. It also speaks to how much more mature women had to be in Trudy’s day. I mean, not to get all Martha Stewart about it, but Trudy seems much older than Annie.

I don’t exactly know what this says about “Community,” but Alison Brie seems like a better actress on “Mad Men.” I mean, the “Mad Men” role requires more range and emotion (and some crazy dancing), and it’s… not a half-hour broad comedy.

But yeah, my mind was blown. I literally screamed when I saw the imdb verification.

Just some gratuitous "Mad Men" goodness.

Okay, I’m enjoying Abed’s Batman monologue. Why are all of the women of “Community” wearing such dowdy Halloween costumes? I’m kind of loving it, but these women are hot. They’d be all about the sexy.

I wish Annie would have dressed as Trudy. Kind of like (character) Richard Castle dressed like the guy (actor) Nathan Fillion played in “Firefly.”(Yeah, I watch “Castle” too. You don’t know everything about me!)

Okay I have to go now. LOUIS CK is back on “Parks & Recreation.” (!!!!!) AND he’s Leslie’s “boyfriend” now (!!!!!!!). And Intern April’s two boyfriends are back, and one is dressed as a straight guy. Love this show.


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