Snack Trek: The Quest for the Best Curly Fries in LA

"Suzy Q" curly fries from Mo's in Burbank.
"Suzy Q" curly fries from Mo's in Burbank.

(Wait for it, because this ends with a Zach Galifianakis tie-in.)

One of the reasons that I started this blog is that I looked at my Twitter-tweets and realized that almost all of them were about food and/or TV. One food in particular fascinated and eluded me: the curly fry.

(What is it about curly fries? Maybe I like them because I have curly hair? Or because I like seasoning on fries? The world may never know…)

One day last spring (May 23rd, 2009 @ 6:55pm, to be specific) I was craving curly fries, and I realized: I have no idea where one goes, when one wants top-notch curly fries. So, armed with a few recommendations and a TwitPic account, I began the search with the following tweet: “I think I want to begin a quest to find the best curly fries in LA. Any leads?”

I tried Jack in the Box…

The ketchup is important.
The ketchup is important.

… and tweeted the following review: “Curly fry mission #1: Complete. Location: Jack in the Box. Fries: Good, overall. Bums: Mostly docile. Thanks to @whitneyschmidt for joining in.” (A few minutes later, I tweeted that they gave me a stomachache… or it might have been the weird ice cream that we ate a few minutes before our Jack in the Box stop.)

The search was not particularly deliberate. If I happened to be at a restaurant that happened to have curly fries, I’d order them and take a picture. That was the case with Mo’s (above; we ordered in for work) and for my “twisty” fries at Mel’s Diner (below).

As modeled by Brent.
As modeled by Brent.

And that was it. My last entry in the quest was TwitPic’d on July 10th. (In case you’re wondering, I only wrote a review for the Jack in the Box fries. The rest were pictures-only.) I hadn’t found a clear winner, but… I haven’t eaten at a curly fry-bearing establishment since then. (They’re rare, I guess?) (There’s also an element of… I just forgot to look for curly fries, because I usually try to eat healthy. Shocking, I know.)

The quest was ancient history (because 3 months ago is ANCIENT, right?) when I read this article about Zach Galifianakis and Arby’s on Movieline. (Maybe he’s getting endorsed, and maybe it’s just a bit. Either way: Funny.)

I’d like to draw your attention to the last line of the article: “Whatever the impetus for his Arby’s references, the fact remains: Arby’s curly fries are amazing.”

Apparently, the Big Beef ‘n Cheddar is great, too. Just ask “30 Rock.”

“Dammit Johnny! You know I love my Big Beef ‘n Cheddar!”

I drive past this Arby’s at least once a week (it’s on Sunset near the 101), and I’ve never been inside.

No, it's not a cowboy hat emporium.
No, it's not a cowboy hat emporium.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


And if you know of a great place to get curly fries, let me know!


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3 thoughts on “Snack Trek: The Quest for the Best Curly Fries in LA

  1. I’ve been to that Arby’s a bunch of times. It’s kind of gross on the inside, despite their A grade, but their drive-thru people at night are pretty nice.

  2. ARBY’S is the best place in the ENTIRE world to get curly fries!!!! take or advice for it it is TRUU they are the absolute best place plus hot guys who work there yay!!!!! lov kay nd laur

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