BORED TO DEATH Loves Danny Kaye, and So Do I

Wait wait, don't tell me.
Wait wait, don't tell me.

Last night’s “Bored to Death” took place primarily in Brighton Beach (a neighborhood in Brooklyn). I really want to go there, but now I’m vaguely afraid of running into Russian mobsters? Is that a real problem?

Ted Danson’s storyline involved a flirtation (ha) with bisexuality. He hired a gay male escort (played by Romany Malco), and they bonded over a love of Danny Kaye’s “The Inspector General.”


Apparently Danny Kaye and Laurence Olivier were lovers? Not surprising. Which leading men WEREN’T secret lovers, back then? (I gotta go consult the Wikipedia.) Ted Danson (er, George) commented on the irony, that Hamlet dated The Court Jester.

I was really happy about the Danny Kaye shout-out, because I grew up on Danny Kaye movies (thanks, Dad) and absolutely love him, and very few people my age have even heard of him. My personal favorite Danny Kaye movie is “Wonder Man.” It’s about two identical twins, one nerdy and one a successful performer, and the performer gets whacked by the mob and POSSESSES his nerdy brother. But in a funny way!

Here, take a peek. It’s almost impossible to find this movie on DVD (I’ve tried), but if you can stand to watch a whole movie in pieces on the YouTubes… I love it.

POTATO SALAD! (Also: “We all gotta go [to Brooklyn], sooner or later.” Fitting!)

Another funny moment was that (once again) Ted Danson was upset that he wasn’t invited on an “adventure.” (Last time he was upset that he wasn’t invited to get a colonic… it’s always, “I want xyz!”)

I want to go to Brighton Beach!”



One thought on “BORED TO DEATH Loves Danny Kaye, and So Do I

  1. Thank you dear for mentioning Danny Kaye in this post,I adore him very much… And because it hearts to read untrue rumors about this person I would tell you that he, himself said and assured: “I’ve never had a homosexual experience in my life. I’ve never had any kind of gay relationship. I’ve had opportunities, but I never did anything about them.”


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