The More You Know: VAMPIRE DIARIES, Episode 6

Welcome to the Civil War Era, bitches.
Welcome to the Civil War Era, bitches.

Episode 106, “Lost Girls” Air Date 10/15/09

Looking back, I should have known that Elena would know about the whole Stefan’s-a-vampire thing within the first five or six episodes. Thing is, if the show had been a bust, it wouldn’t have gotten a pick up, and it would have sucked (ha) to be canceled before the big secret even dropped.

Anyway, this week’s episode starts with the end of last week’s episode, in case you missed it. Elena’s writing in her diary and looking in her mirror and realizing that Stefan is a vampire. Stefan’s fixin’ to stake Damon. Elena wavers outside of the Ye Olde Salvatore Boarding House, steeling up her courage. Stefan runs to the front door and into a bright light…

FLASHBACK: Stefan’s exiting the front door of Ye Olde Salvatore Estate, clad in his 1864 garb. Guess who’s coming to dinner?

It's me, Katherine.
It's me, Katherine.

It’s “Miss Pierce.” That name’s going to be really hilarious when you find out that she’s a vampire. Get it? Get it?? (Settle down, it’s not a spoiler because it was in the books, and I’ve been talking about it all along.) (I didn’t read the books, but I read Wikipedia. You know this.)

I don’t really understand why Katherine comes to stay with the Salvatores. Is she their cousin, or what? (Close your mouth. Back then, cousins dated all the time.) Even in 1864, the parents of Mystic Falls were super-permissive/absent, because we don’t see any parents/aunts/uncles/whatevers in any of the flashbacks.

You can’t really see it in these pictures, but Katherine has an unwieldy amount of hair. I don’t know if it’s a wig or extensions or what, but I’m surprised that poor Nina Dobrev could stand up straight. Also, after Stefan and Damon’s major build-up of her, Katherine was… just okay. I don’t blame Nina Dobrev, because she was killing it as Elena this week. Elena is fierce. But Kathering was kind of a cipher. And she had a few clunkaroo lines, like referring to S&D to their faces as “the smart and kind Salvatore brothers.” I wasn’t feeling it.

But hey, they do more right than wrong on this show. I give props to the powers that be for showing us how it was that Stefan played football: Damon brought it back from his Confederate training camp. He learned about football from a Harvard man. Works for me!

Wait! I need to go get my lucky jockstrap.
Wait! I need to go get my lucky jockstrap.

Turns out that Katherine is to Damon/Stefan as Damon was to Caroline: She’s sleeping with them, drinking their blood, and using “mind compulsion” to keep them from telling each other what’s going on. All while wearing a very tight corset (which she doesn’t really need, since she’s really thin and her dresses look oddly baggy).

Can I just say that every time I hear “mind compulsion,” I want to giggle? For some reason calling it “glamouring” (that’s the “True Blood” equivalent) feels more organic to me. “Compulsion” is a funny word. (Is “compulse” a word? I don’t think so. English is so weird.)

Back in today-world, Elena confronts Stefan and he admits that he’s a vampire. Elena tries to run away from him, but finally he can use his cool vampire tricks in front of her, like moving really fast and flying up into her bedroom window. It’s hard not to pity Stefan, since he’s making sad faces and saying things like, “Please don’t be afraid of me,” and, “I’d never hurt you,” and Elena’s basic attitude is, Stay away from me, you scary lying monster.

Meanwhile, Damon wants his ring back. He calls Stefan, who says that he needs time to get it back. “Did you ship it to Rome?” Damon asks (maybe a nod to the fact that the Salvatore brothers were from the Italian Renaissance, in the books). It makes me wonder: What’s in Rome? (Or: Who?)

Damon drank all of Vicki’s vagrant friends (and also, alcohol) and is burning them. (“I’m at the Sizzler,” Damon quips.) Alcohol: multi-purposeful. He’s about to burn Vicki but she’s not dead yet, so he takes her back to the Boarding House. Why not, right? She’s hot, and she has a pulse.

Next day: Stefan meets up with Elena at a neutral, public cafe (actually, it’s the outdoor seating at the Mystic Grill… perhaps the only eatery in Mystic Falls). He explains that he’s immune to crucifixes, garlic, holy water, and that he can be seen in a mirror. Add the ring that lets him walk in the sun and… he’s not a particularly vampire-y vampire, is he? I still don’t know if he can eat, since I haven’t SEEN him eat. The jury’s out.

(Right now Stefan’s stance is that he only drinks animal blood, but Damon has alluded to a rough-and-tumble human-drinking past. Can’t wait until Elena hears about THAT.)

Stefan asks Elena to give him the rest of the day to explain things and make her decision about… whatever. Everything. They drive out to the “middle of nowhere” (Elena’s words), which turns out to be the site of Stefan’s boyhood home.

Welcome to my cribz.
Welcome to my cribz.

Oh yeah, at the cafe Stefan mentioned that there used to be a lot more vampires in Mystic Falls, and the humans used to be very aware of them. So… I’m guessing that his house was torn apart by an angry, pitchfork-wielding mob. We’ll find out, I guess.

Seeing Stefan’s destroyed home, Elena’s first thought is that it’s really… “Old?” Stefan supplies, sounding sad. (The non-evil vampires are always the saddest ones.) “I’ve been seventeen since 1864.” I know Vampire Diaries came before Twilight and all, but I wish they’d used any other age, or any other line. Because “I’ve been seventeen since xyz” feels so Twilight, especially in this out-in-the-forest scene. (Also, maybe he should be nineteen. Isn’t Paul Wesley, like, twenty-seven?)

Oh, and Stefan was hiding Damon’s ring at their old house. So he retrieves it. IS ANYBODY EVER GOING TO EXPLAIN HOW THE RINGS WORK?! Or where they came from? I hope so. (Also: I couldn’t see if Katherine was wearing a ring. If not, how was she surviving in the sun?)

Stefan may be old, but he hasn’t forgotten his genteel upbringing. He opens Elena’s car door for her.

Chivalry is undead.
Chivalry is undead.

Stefan tells Elena about the vervain necklace, and how it will keep vampires from getting into her mind. He gave it to her to keep her safe from Damon, but also to keep her safe from… him.  He urges her always to wear the necklace, so that “no matter what happens, you’ll know that you were free to make your own choice.” Aww, Stefan. You’re so Edward right now, but in a much more earnest and less creepy way.

Meanwhile, Vicki and Damon are back at the Salvatore house that’s not in ruins. Damon wants company and Vicki’s not being very fun (aka, her neck is bleeding and she’s passed out), so Damon forces her to drink some of his restorative blood. (That’s another commonality with “True Blood.”) Then Vicki’s all amped up, and she tells Damon her life story a-mile-a-minute as they have a destructive half-naked dance party. At the end of her life story, Vicki gets sad about her shitty life prospects, and Damon snaps her neck. He’s fickle like that. (Or helpful?)

In case you’re wondering… even without his ring, Damon can be in sunlit rooms. He just can’t stand in direct sunlight. And the sun doesn’t turn him to dust. In fact, he keeps putting his hand into the light and watching it start to singe. It’s the equivalent of holding your hand over a candle just to see how long it takes to get too hot to bear.

Oh yeah, while I’m thinking of it, we were missing a lot of the usual cast members this week. Bonnie, Caroline, Aunt Jenna, Tyler… all of them were MIA.

Speaking of… back in the past, we found out that Damon decided not to go back to his Confederate (eek) training camp, because he wanted to be around Katherine. I’m pretty sure that makes him a deserter, which is a major crime, but Stefan was just like, Hugs! Glad to have you around.

He ain't AWOL-- he's my brother.
He ain't AWOL-- he's my brother.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Caroline’s-Mom, Reporter-Logan and Mayor Lockwood get together and switch some parts out of Elena’s-brother-Jeremy’s pocket watch, and suddenly it’s a compass that points at vampires? Right. (Does that mean that Elena’s ancestors were vampire hunters?)

So Vicki wakes up from being dead, because she’d imbibed some of Damon’s blood pre-death. Damon being Damon, he sends her straight over to Elena & Jeremy’s house. The last step to being a vampire is to drink some human blood, so… uh oh.

Jeremy’s home alone, and Vicki shows up super-ravenous and wearing sunglasses. Also: Acting crazy. Jeremy calls Vicki’s-brother-Matt (Elena’s ex), and by the time Matt shows up, Vicki is crying that her gums are killing her. (Just a guess: Her fangs are growing in. She’s teething! Just give her a neck to chew on.) I’m actually starting to like her.

Stefan and Elena arrive, and right away Stefan knows what’s up. He calms Vicki down and sends her upstairs to rest, and tells Elena what’s going on. Vicki’s “transitioning,” which I’ve only ever heard people say in reference to someone switching genders.

Vicki runs away, and Stefan goes off to “track” her, and Damon shows up at Elena’s house looking for Stefan. Elena is super-freaked by Damon, but he tells her that he’s not out to kill her (yet), because it wouldn’t serve his greater agenda. (Which is… to steal her away from Stefan, and then kill her? I don’t know.)

Stefan finds Vicki, and tells her that she has a choice: Die, or finish becoming a vampire by drinking human blood. It’s actually a nice scene, especially for Stefan, because… he had to make this choice once. (Although we don’t see any flashbacks of Katherine turning him, so… maybe later?)

In the middle of all that nice-timesy-ness… Reporter-Logan shoots Stefan with a wooden bullet! Owowowow. Logan’s poised to stake Stefan, and I’m rooting for Vicki to rip Logan’s neck out. But guess who comes to the rescue? Damon! Aw, brotherly love. Of course, Damon claims that he wants to be the one to kill Stefan, but… whatever. Actions speak louder than words. As the brothers bond (sorta), Vicki drinks some of Logan’s blood. And runs away. Again.

Vamp on the loose!

I’m not sure if Reporter-Logan’s dead, but he’s definitely a dick. He shot a teenager in the back, because a magic compass told him to? I’m sure that would hold up in court. (Oh, I forgot to mention this– Earlier in the episode, the police found Vicki’s purse near Damon’s dead-body BBQ… and she had a Virginia drivers’ license. So… that’s where we are.)

Damon pockets the vampire-finding pocket watch. So… he has that, and Caroline has his jewel. (His… family jewel? Haha.) (Has he even realized that it’s missing?) And Stefan gives Damon his ring back. Yessss.

Is Vicki going to get a ring? (Is that even possible? Is there a ring-maker?) Or is she just going to be a boarded-up house-vamp during the day?

Stefan returns to Elena’s house and tells her that Vicki is now a Vamp-on-the-Loose. (V is for Vicki and Vampire, it’s convenient.) Elena is really mad, but what was Stefan supposed to do? Kill Vicki? He can’t win with Elena. She’s mad about that, she’s mad that Stefan made the choice to drink human blood and be a vampire in 1864, she’s mad that mad mad mad. Elena says that she gave Stefan the day, and she’ll keep his secret, but… go away.

So Stefan stands outside being hurt-sad, and Elena goes inside, slides down to the floor, and cries. I thought that maybe they’d have a last-minute smooch-a-roo, but nope. That’s all, folks.

I kind of wanted more, but I already knew a lot of spoilers, and I’d already seen three sneak-preview scenes. So… it was good. Good times. And I’m confident that most of my questions will be answered, over time. They can’t give away the farm in episode six, right?

The next new episode is in TWO WEEKS, to coincide with Halloween. (Or, as the kids call it: Slut-o-ween.) Vicki’s going as a Vampire. Get it? Got it? Good.

I think that Elena and Stefan will make up (hopefully kiss and make up), because check out this body language.

Talk to the hand.
Talk to the hand.

Wow, Nina Dobrev’s waist is crazy-tiny, isn’t it? And where’s Stefan’s costume? I will LOL until I cry if he’s going as Edward from Twilight. (Also: See the epaulets on his jacket? Vampire Rule #53: Whenever possible, wear epaulets. ESPECIALLY if you hail from the Civil War Era. Just ask Vampire Bill.)

In case you’re wondering about the title, I’m guessing that our Lost Girls are Elena (Stefan lost her tonight… for now), Katherine (however she died… or not– at any rate, she’s lost in the past, I guess), and Vicki (’cause she’s a vamp now… and lost in the woods). I thought it was going to refer to some specific mystery, but… this ain’t “CSI,” and I’m FINE with that.

Speaking of Katherine and Elena… knowing that Katherine was a vampire, and that Elena’s parents had vampire-finding apparatus– doesn’t that make you EXTRA curious about the Katherine-Elena looking-exactly-like-each-other connection? Inquiring minds want to know!

And that’s all I have to say about that. (For now.)


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