30 ROCK is Back!

Lots of Love
Lots of Love

“30 Rock” returned to us last night. Season 4 premiere… wow. Steve Buscemi reprised his role as… strange investigator guy… but nobody mentioned that he was going to be there. Poor Steve Buscemi. Give him some love!

It wasn’t my favorite episode ever, but even on not-my-favorite weeks, “30 Rock” always has moments of hilarity. My friend Cole and I bbm’ed (that’s BlackBerry messengered, losers) some of our favorite quotes as we were watching. I figured I’d share them here.

Steve Buscemi: It’s like I tell my assistant: Your weight is a reflection on me.

Liz Lemon: Pete and I are intercoursing each other!

Josh: I don’t need this show, because I could get a job tomorrow in the Air Force!

Tracy Jordan: Are you a large child or a small adult?

Jenna: You know [blue gels] make my teeth look see-through!

Jack (to Kenneth): We’re not so different, you and I. [Classic super-villain line.]

Also, there were Cheesy Blasters, which were hot dogs filled with jack cheese, wrapped in a pizza. The perfect snack for kids! And a page strike, and a “blanket union” for bucket drummers and department store Santas. And Pete’s wife, who is a wannabe sexual deviant. (Remember what she did with Pop Tarts? Ha.) (And then Liz ate them!)

One of the best storylines was Tracy’s realization that he’s lost touch with the common man. Tracy always nails it.

The one thing about last night’s episode that make me barf in my mouth was the hand-off to Leno. You might not have seen it if you DVR’d, but the tail end of the episode was Jack and Liz watching Jenna’s cowgirl music video commercial for a tennis game in the “Real America” (played by foreign tennis players… ha). It was a total spoof on those terrible country-western music video football commercials. Fine. All good. Pretty hilarious.

Jack turned to the camera and said that Leno was coming up next. Fine, whatever, it’s NBC, it’s “30 Rock.” It worked, like a wink. But THEN Jay was looking at the camera on HIS show, and welcoming “The Real America,” and the cowgirl extras from Jenna’s commercial were dancing on Jay’s stage. But it didn’t feel like a spoof. It felt like actual “Real America” bullshit.

So… that was unsettling? Gross? Desperate?

I don’t think Leno realized that the joke was on him. (He’s supposed to understand comedy… right?)

The rest of NBC’s comedy block last night was… okay. I was really hoping to see the Dave (Louis C.K.) & Leslie (Amy Poehler) relationship progress on “Parks & Recreation,” but it was a stand-alone episode about a visit from Pawnee’s Venezuelan sister city. It was a funny episode, but… I want Louis C.K.!

I’m starting to think that “Modern Family” is my favorite network comedy of the week. Time will tell if “30 Rock” can reclaim its place of honor. (I think Dylan’s supplementary music video wins, this week. Sorry, Jenna.)



One thought on “30 ROCK is Back!

  1. I cannot agree with you more about the Leno handoff. I envy those who watch the show on Hulu/TiVo, since they’ll get to watch the true intention of the joke.

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