The Daily Sandwich: PEANUT BUTTER & BANANA

Get in my mouth!
Get in my mouth!

First of all, can I say that I’m jealous of everyone in the EST time zone, because they’ve already seen tonight’s episode of “Vampire Diaries”? And I’m still at work!

There’s not too much to say about a peanut butter & banana sandwich. It’s a classic. I also like PB & honey, PB & jelly, PB & Nutella… peanut butter is a great partner. It really knows how to give, or something.

I like to press a PB & whatever sandwich down really flat before I eat it. Like a panini without the heat. I don’t know why. It’s part of my mania! (Er, my charm.)

And now I’m going to wash it all down with a bottle of holy water. Drinkable! (What? Just kidding. A little “Vampire Diaries” humor for you. The East Coasters get it.) (And the people who read my blog get it.)

My arm is starting to hurt from the flu shot. At least the shot itself didn’t hurt. Small miracles.

And while I was downstairs getting the shot, I was visited by a phantom and/or vampire:


Or it might have been, you know, a co-worker. But the mystery is still unsolved. Somebody call in “CSI.” (You know, the CSI that helps solve crimes of… kindness.)

Oh, and five seconds after I finished my sandwich, a dinner order began. (I ordered some grape leaves. Small meals, right?) TV is making me fat, in more ways than it makes your average American fat. Because my whole day is TV, and eating. And writing stuff like this.

I love it.


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