Snack of the Afternoon, 10/15/09: TOFUTTI CUTIE (and FLU SHOT)

My fingers are frozen now.
My fingers are frozen now.

I trekked all the way to the upstairs fridge (one whole flight!) to obtain today’s snack. If you are a Trader Joe’s-frequenting type, you are probably a Tofutti enthusiast. If not: It’s an ice cream sandwich. But the ice cream has no dairy. Which tastes weird to some people, but… I drink soy milk. I don’t mind. I’m an equal-opportunity ice cream lover.

It looks a little bit freezer-burned, doesn’t it?

This is a very special afternoon, because flu shots are being administered at our stage. For free! At first I was really excited, as (maybe) evidenced by my personal Twitter update:

Getting my first flu shot ever next week. Hope I survive until then. Just more proof that I am up for anything, as long as it’s free.

This morning I made sure to wear a short-sleeved shirt, because… wouldn’t it be awkward to have to take off my shirt to get my shot? Ooops. But as the hour (3pm) drew nearer, my anxiety built. Another tweet:

I have been excited for this free flu shot all week. Thirty minutes out, I’m realizing, it’s a SHOT. ZOMGZ. Needles. Blood. Nervous.

By now I should be standing in line, but we just got word that the new start-time is 4pm. Oh great. More time to stew.

BUT I have been spending my hour of reprieve productively (sort of), looking at pictures of NYC, courtesy of Scouting NY, Shooting Brooklyn, and Ork Posters. I am a little bit obsessed with Brooklyn. Apparently we’re back to the usual hotness here in Burbank (I don’t have windows and my office is cold, so… it’s still winter-weather in my mind), but the rainy weather reminded me… I want to visit (and/or live on) the East Coast WAY BAD.

But first, I need to survive my flu shot.


[Edit: The flu shot went well! It didn’t hurt at all. (Crazy.) Sadly, it wasn’t for H1N1– so I could still get swine flu. That’s life…]


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