The Daily Sandwich: GRILLED CHEESE from Craft Services

Hello, beautiful.
Hello, beautiful.

FYI, Craft Services is not a restaurant. It’s the people who provide food on set. The wonderful, wonderful people who feed the cast & crew. Occasionally I venture down there and nab a bite.

On this rainy day, the craft services angels blessed us with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. The soup was gone by the time I ventured down to set, but I managed to nab a half a grilled cheese with turkey and half a grilled cheese with tomato. (It’s such a revelation to me, putting things other than just cheese on grilled cheese.)

I’m pretty sure that the turkey-cheese was on sourdough bread. Nice touch. Another job well done.

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday and I haven’t had to make one of my own questionable sandwiches yet. Viva la free food.

Speaking of good things, I heard that tonight’s “Modern Family” is great. Anticipating wonderful TV is what gets me through the day. (I gotta say, though, I wish it were Thursday. “Parks & Rec” and “Vampire Diaries” FTW.) (Oh, AND “30 Rock” premieres tomorrow night! SO excited for Thursday!)


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