The Daily Sandwich: TORTA DE POLLO from PORTO’S BAKERY

Eating sandwiches for fun and profit.
Eating sandwiches for fun and profit.

All TV and no snacks makes the Binge a dull blog. And I’ve exhausted almost all of my snacks.

And it’s really really slow on days like today, where I didn’t watch any of my shows last night. (I pooped out.) Everything I know about last night’s “Mad Men,” I got from the morning blog-recaps. (And I watched the first five minutes on my DVR before I left for work.)

But when God closes a… whatever, he opens a something else. (IS there a God? Chew on THAT.) Today we happened to be ordering sandwiches, and I thought, Why can’t I talk about sandwiches on my blog? Because every time you eat a delicious sandwich, an angel gets its wings. That’s what I learned when I went on a field trip to heaven in fourth grade.

I eat a lot of sandwiches around here, generally hand-crafted by yours truly. Not all of those are worth writing home about. But… here’s a new feature. We’ll see if it sticks.

Hey there good lookin'.
Hey there good lookin'.

I don’t usually order lunch (because… money), but Porto’s is super-delicious. All of their sandwiches are amazing. They also have papa rellenas and empanadas, aka two of the greatest snacks ever invented. (Allow me to answer your question: Cuban.)

This particular sandwich is a “torta de pollo,” which contains grilled chicken breast, black bean spread, goat cheese, red onion, lettuce, and tomatoes. As a rule, any sandwich containing goat cheese is going to be a special sandwich. (I have a similar rule about avocado.)

I write my order down on a pre-printed sheet, next to my name (Elysse), but somehow they managed to misspell my name in a way that it has never been misspelled before. Congratulations. That is hard to do.

Not even close.
Not even close.

I could understand Elias. But this is just… I am honored. Somebody invented a whole new name. (And I have gotten Alyssa, Alice, Alyse, Alyce, Elyce, Elise, Elsie, Elysee, Ulysses, and more… so this is really a treat.)

But yeah, really good sandwich. Porto’s. And they also make all sorts of desserts. That place is like a DMV of desserts, with big lines and even bigger cakes. Check it out, if you’re in the neighborhood.


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