Tasty TV Morsel: THE AMAZING RACE Host Phil Keoghan (Also, Last Season’s Mel & Mike)

Watch out for that plane!
Watch out for that plane!

In case you’ve never watched the Emmys, “The Amazing Race” always wins. Yet I don’t know many people who actually watch this show. But everybody SHOULD watch “The Amazing Race,” because it is… I mean, they race around the world. That is cool.

Last season I started watching, thanks to Mike & Mel White. Mike White is one of my favorite actor/screenwriters (SCHOOL OF ROCK), and the star of one of my favorite internet shorts, “Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?” So I watched to see Mike White, but ended up getting sucked in, because this show is a festival of laughter and tears and flying around the world.

Amazing guys.
Amazing guys.

Mike and Mel were the best, because they weren’t doing it for the money, and because throughout everything they were really kind to each other. Most teammates start hatin’ as soon as the going gets tough, but not these two. They were so proud of each other! And Mel has a fascinating back-story.

I recommend that you go back and watch season 14, if only for the Mel/Mike gems (until they got eliminated… very sad night).

Speaking of inspiring stuff, back to Phil Keoghan. His accent really eluded me for months, but it turns out that he’s from New Zealand. (And yet, he sounds nothing like Bret & Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords.) He had a near-death experience when he was 19, and started an inspirational website (maybe the book came first?) called No Opportunity Wasted. Get it? NOW? (Not to be confused with the National Organization for Women.) So… he hosts “The Amazing Race,” which is also in the motivation genre, I suppose.

I love Phil because he’s generally very serious on the show, but is secretly hilarious. I like to watch his weekly behind-the-scenes snippets, where we get to see more of him. (On the show he’s only shown briefly, to narrate and tell people whether they’re out.)


Watch it tonight!


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