PARKS & RECREATION Was “Classically Hot” Last Night

Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Pawnee 2009.
Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Pawnee 2009.

Episode 203, “Beauty Pageant” Air Date 10/1/09

There is really no rhyme or reason to which shows I decide to write about on here. Last week’s “Community” was funny. (I haven’t watch this week’s episode yet, but it was probably funny, too.) Chevy Chase’s character does not understand what “sausage fest” means, and kept trying to have one with Joel McHale’s character.

This week’s “Modern Family,” was also funny, and poignant (especially the Manny/Jay storyline). It included a zany spin on “The Bicycle Thief,” which is one of the saddest movies ever. Ever. Italian Neo-Realism, man. So depressing. Ugh, life is hard.

But I’m going to write a little bit about “Parks & Recreation” because… oh, Leslie (Amy Poehler). She tries so hard, and it’s both hilarious and heart-achy to watch. Also, Louis C.K. is Leslie’s new love interest, and he is awesome.

Up until now, I’ve never thought, Hmm, C.K. is a weird last name to have. What’s up with that? What does the C.K. stand for? I just accepted the oddness of his name. But today is a new day. I’m goin’ Wiki-diving.

A ha! His real last name is Szekely, and he started using C.K. because it’s almost the same pronunciation. The More You Know. (Cue shooting star.)

Okay, back to the show. Leslie was asked to be one of the judges for the Miss Pawnee pageant. Intern April decided to enter because there was a $600 prize. Leslie was glad to see April entering the pageant, and referred to her as a girl who is not “classically hot.” HA. Those two words have no business sitting next to each other.

Louis CK is a cop named Dave. Leslie first encountered him last week, when Tom (Aziz Ansari) was arrested for… long story. At any rate, Dave likes Leslie, and he comes to her office to see her. He says he came to look at the murals. The nearest mural depicts a male and female settler having a rout. Leslie tells Dave that the original title of the mural was “A Lively Fisting.” Laugh out loud!

"A Lively Fisting"
"A Lively Fisting"

(Remember when that lady on the news said that Barack and Michele Obama like to fist, but she met that they like to bump their fists? OOPS. Reporting FAIL.)

Leslie’s agrees to go to coffee with Dave. BUT when he mistakes a framed photo of Madeleine Albright in Leslie’s office for a photo of Leslie’s grandma, Leslie tells him that she’s busy.

Madeleine Albright is NOT Leslie's grandmother.
Madeleine Albright is ruining everything! (For Dave.)

(To be fair to Dave, I can see the resemblance.)

Leslie tells Ann that she can’t date a man who doesn’t share her interests. Poor Dave/Louis C.K.! He totally realizes that he blew it… but also, LESLIE is blowing it by rejecting him based on one little thing. Argh!

Ann (Rashida Jones) invites Mark Brendanawicz over to fix her shower, in exchange for a quick and easy-to-make dinner. Mark says that it’s going to be the “weirdest second date ever.” He doesn’t know the half of it, since Ann ends up realizing that Andy is in the pit, and inviting him in for dinner (Mark’s idea, because it’s raining). Andy is hilarious, and thinks that it went “really well,” even though Ann ends up kicking him back to his pit-tent.

April does a terrible impression of a pageant-girl, stating in her introduction that she likes “people, places, and things.” So… nouns. She ends up quitting the pageant mid-way through when she realizes that the $600 prize is actually $600 worth of terrible gift certificates.

A hot girl who seems like “a trashier version of Megan Fox, if that’s possible” (Roomie’s words) ends up winning (in her opening statement, she says that she’s on Youtube… ha), even though Leslie locks the judges in the room and tries to convince them to vote for Susan, a classical pianist and hospital volunteer.

At the pageant (and in general), Tom is somehow able to be a gross chauvinist pig, but also totally lovable. He can also look at any woman and accurately predict her bra size. Handy skill, I guess.

At the pageant, Dave tells Leslie that he doesn’t want to play games. He likes Leslie and he likes coffee, and he wants to go out with her. He gives her his card and walks away, almost bumping into the hot girl. “Coming through, buddy,” he says to her, not even noticing her apparent hotness. Points for Dave!

So Leslie realizes that Dave is a good guy, and she calls him. He comes back to her office, and Leslie tells him that she’d love to go out for dinner. AWW.

It’s the first time we see Dave without his cop uniform on, which makes him seem more… human. He correctly identifies all of the non-Madeleine Albright pictures of women-in-politics hanging in Leslie’s office (including Nancy Pelosi).

Thanks, Wikipedia!
Thanks, Wikipedia!

Dave openly admits that he looked them all up to impress her. AWW. It’s the sweetest moment. (And also funny, because he skips Janet Reno. He still doesn’t know who she is, I guess.) (Insert maybe-he-thought-Janet-Reno-was-a-man joke here.)

I’m so excited for their date! (More excited than I’ve been about any of my own dates in a while.) (Sad?)


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2 thoughts on “PARKS & RECREATION Was “Classically Hot” Last Night

  1. I heart Louis C.K. His stand-up is killer. He, like the hot girl, is also on YouTube, and you should check him out immediately.

    Also, Reno BURN.

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