“The Hair” Returns!

Handsome guy alert!
Handsome guy alert!

I haven’t talked much about “30 Rock” on here, because… it’s not on TV right now. I have been a fan since the beginning. I even bought the season one DVDs and forced my friends to watch with me until they were big fans.

As a result, I have seen every episode in season one at least four times. (You’re welcome, Tina Fey.)

One of my favorite episodes in that first year of “30 Rock” was called “The Head and The Hair.” Basically, Liz (Tina Fey) meets this guy named Gray (Peter Hermann), who seems way too hot for Liz (according to Liz). Because you are either “The Head” (a nerd) or “The Hair” (hot). Liz thinks that she is a Head, and therefore cannot date a Hair (Gray is a Hair).

But Gray asks Liz out, and they have a pretty awesome date. Just as things are about to get steamy, Liz and Gray realize that they are fifth cousins. (Which… whatever. Gray is super hot!) Gray is okay with dating, but Liz is not.

Long story short, last night I finally watched Sunday’s “Bored to Death” (Episode 102, “The Alanon Case”), in which Jonathan tracked a very handsome boyfriend. I kept thinking, This guy looks familiar. Where do I know him from? Toward the end of the episode, I finally realized that he was “The Hair,” and I was so happy to see him again!

I think his name was Gary, which is… VERY similar to Gray. And… yet another handsome boyfriend role? Conspiracy theorists unite! (Whatever. As far as I’m concerned, Peter Hermann can guest star as a handsome guy on EVERY SHOW ON TV.)

Anyway… it was a good episode of “Bored to Death.” I took notes to recap it, and hopefully that recap will be posted soonishly. But I wanted to give a shout-out to the return of “The Hair,” because… ah, first season of “30 Rock.” I miss Gray. Even if he was Liz’s 5th cousin. Who’s counting? (Liz is.)

And Peter Hermann is cool. He grew up in Germany. He’s married to Mariska Hargitay. (A really fun name to spell AND to say.) He has a son named “August,” which is a really cool name (and also, my month of birth).

I swear I only know this much because of IMDB and Wikipedia. And because I am a Head. Well, I like to think that I’m a Liz-style Head, with the potential to be a Hair.

After consulting IMDB, you might say, “Hey Elysse, Peter Hermann has been in a lot of STUFF besides ’30 Rock’ and ‘Bored to Death.'” But I didn’t watch that other STUFF, so it was all trees falling in a forest that I couldn’t hear, or whatever. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t watch EVERYTHING that’s on TV.



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