BORED TO DEATH Premieres Tonight

Love these guys!
Love these guys! Look at those blue eyes.

A few bold shows (that I plan to watch) are premiering on HBO tonight, despite the Emmys. They’re flying in the face of the Emmys. Good for them! (Bad for ratings?)

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” is premiering its new season tonight. (I have mixed feelings about “Curb…” but I’m excited to see the “Seinfeld cast reunited.)

More interestingly… “Bored to Death” is having its SERIES premiere tonight. You know, the one starring Jason Schwartzman. (No, not “Yo Teach…!” That was just for FUNNY PEOPLE.) (And it was “on NBC.”)

I ordered HBO solely to have access to “True Blood,” but it’s shows like “Bored to Death” (and the movies, sort of) that are keeping me from canceling my subscription. I mean, Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson, AND Brooklyn (the place, not a person)? All of them are on my “Nice” list. (Because I am Santa Claus?) I have very high hopes.

Zach’s beard looks nice and bushy in the promo pics I’ve been seeing around town. Generally, the bigger his beard, the nuttier Zach will be. As my friend Melissa once told me (in the nicest way), “Jews are just nutty about nuts.” In this case, it’s true. Color me excited.

(Oh, and there’s a new “Mad Men” on tonight. It didn’t fit into my HBO-talk, but it’s on.)


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