Tonight: MORE TO LOVE Finale

RIP Heather! (Youre not really dead!)
RIP Heather! (You're not really dead!)

In case you forgot (how could you?!), tonight is the season (one) finale of “More to Love.” We’ll meet Luke’s family and see whether they’re responsible for his cheesy behavior. By the end, either Tali or Malissa will be engaged to Luke… congrats? And that lucky girl will become Mrs. Conley, baby-maker and housewife-at-large. (If it even lasts that long.)

Why am I being so cynical? Reality TV love is the most intense love! Luke and [whoever], together forever(ish). (Or at least until next season… maybe he’ll be the large bachelor over and over again, “Rock of Love”-style.)

I don’t really care what happens, but (of course) I’ll tune in for the “drama” of it all. I kind of hope he chooses Malissa, because I think that Tali could do better. Free Tali! (Let’s make shirts.)

Be there or be… you know, having a life.

PS Roomie just told me it’s a two-hour finale. SERIOUSLY?! I bet at least half of it is recaps and the same interview footage we’ve been seeing since episode one. Thank goodness for DVR. Fast-forward, away!



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