Interview with a Pam-pire

Pams got you in her vault.
Pam's got you in her vault.

Ugh, the season finale of “True Blood” is tomorrow night, and I have such mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m so happy to (hopefully!) be done with Maryann, but on the other I’m IRRITATED that the whole season (including the finale) revolved around her. She is the worst! It’s also sad to know that it will be almost another year before we see a new episode… here’s hoping for even more Eric and Pam, next time around.

Sad spoiler alert: Pam will not be in the finale. I love her big hair and decade-hopping fashion sense. And you KNOW I love it when Pam and Eric speak Swedish. EW’s PopWatch posted a nice long interview with Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam. Here’s an excerpt, where she talks about the Swedish of it all!

Is there anything negative you can say about him [Alexander Skarsgard] to help subdue our crushes while we wait for season 3?
Like when a guy breaks up with you, you look for something really bad to focus on? Yeah, good luck finding that with Alexander. There’s nothin’ bad about the guy. Sorry. [Laughs] You’re all just gonna have to pine. He has an amazing sense of humor. After every Swedish take, I look at him, and he sort of nods. Once, he went and saw the footage. I said, “How was I? Was my Swedish good?” He said, “No. You sound like a Russian prostitute.” Of course, the comeback line was, “How would you know?” but I thought of it months later. In fact, I think someone else thought of it. But after every take, I go, “Russian prostitute? Or am I near the border of Sweden?”

So you hadn’t spoken any Swedish before the show?
No. And I still don’t. Alexander records what sounds to me like gibberish, and I play this jibberish over and over until I can regurgitate the jibberish, and I just hope that I’m sounding somewhat Swedish. That’s definitely nerve-wracking. My husband [Abri van Straten, lead singer of the South African band The Lemmings] is of Swedish descent as well, so he learns it with me. I just repeat it to him 100 times a day. It’s seared into my frontal cortex because I can still remember all my Swedish lines — not my English lines — from the whole season.

And Alexander is good about translating? He doesn’t trick you into saying dirty words?
He’s very good about that — as far as I know. That’s a trick my husband pulls. He’s teaching me phrases in Afrikaans, and he just keeps telling me not to say them around his mother. I have no idea what I’m saying, but he laaaaughs.

Did you read with Alexander for your audition?
No. We were cast separately. I didn’t meet him until I was on the set, in the leather corset, and in another time zone because I started on True Blood 17 hours after arriving back from the Philippines. I remember Alexander was speaking Swedish, and I said, “Is that Cambodian?” I was just so out of it. I couldn’t breathe, my feet hurt, and I thought for some reason he was Cambodian. But I remember thinking he was very crushworthy.

Apparently the Season 2 DVD is going to have a big special feature all about Pam. Cool beans! (I recommend that you follow the link and read the whole article.)

Rachel pulled up a quote from Stephen Moyer (aka Vampire Bill) that said that the finale is going to be craaaaazy. Even crazier than the usual “True Blood” hijinx? I’m very intrigued.


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