You Probably Want Me to Say Something About VAMPIRE DIARIES

Two Vampires, A Girl, and a Graveyard Place.
Two Vamps, A Girl, and a Graveyard Place.

If you read this blog, you know that I’m a big fan of the “True Blood.” (Understatement?) So you are probably expecting me to say a few words about the newest vampire show on the block: “Vampire Diaries.” It premiered last night on the CW.

The commercials make it look a lot like  “Twilight,” but the books came before “Twilight.” “Vamp Diaries” probably doesn’t have any Mormon subtext (leave me alone, there is Mormon subtext in “Twilight”), which means that on “Vampire Diaries” they will likely have sexy times (even though they are in high school). (Why am I picking on Mormons so much today?) (Eh, they can take it.)

I am always in favor of sexy times on the TV. But I think “True Blood” is going to win in this category because… adults. HBO.

I didn’t watch “Vampire Diaries” last night. I actually watched the pilot a few months ago, because there are perks to working in TV (or something like that). I remember that there was a crow, and horny high schoolers, and a party in the woods, and a vampire attack, and an uncle who was not really an uncle, and an evil-but-funny brother who was also a vampire, and a ring that could give a vampire the ability to walk in the daylight. Handy!

This ad has been posted all over LA, and it makes me feel weird because the girl is supposed to be in high school. Too sexy!

You look like vamipre bait. -Vampire Bill
"You look like vamipre bait." -Vampire Bill

I know, I know, she’s probably twenty-seven years old in real life. Still! Is she being a good role-model for teen girls? (Oh wait, this is the CW.) This may not look THAT sexual, when you see the 50-foot-tall version of this, you definitely feel like, wow, look at her legs. Whoa. Sex.

Okay, enough with the granny-talk and back to the show. Was I in love? No. Did I like it more than “True Blood?” No. Did I like it at all? Yes. I mean, come on. Vampires! I even liked “Moonlight,” and those vampires ate food and walked around in the sun without a special ring or any regard for vampire rules. I yelled at the screen when I watched “Moonlight,” but I tolerated it, because… vampires. Vampires are fun times! And “True Blood” is ending this weekend, so it’s nice to know I’ll have somewhere to turn for a vampire fix.

But it won’t be the same…

I can’t wait for season three of “True Blood.”


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