Snack of the Afternoon, 9/11/09: PINKBERRY

To-go style.
To-go style.

We got take-out Pinkberry for a birthday celebration (thank goodness no more cake), and it came all separated out, and with a big bag of ice. I got my standard mango/strawberry/kiwi topping combo. Delicious fruits!

Maybe I should have gone strawberry/blueberry/yogurt chip, in honor of “Patriot’s Day?” (Can we just call it the anniversary of 9/11? Something irks me out about the word “patriot.”) It’s crazy to think that this is… wow, eight years later. Feelings.

I don’t think Pinkberry existed in 2001. So many changes! I am not a major Pinkberry enthusiast, but I love fruit. And it was free.

So we ate Pinkberry and there was a sonic boom (though I didn’t know in advance that it was happening, and wasn’t in prime listening position). Hey hey hey, it’s Friday in LA.



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