Snack of the Afternoon, 9/9/09: SNACKPEA CRISPS

Pass the peas, please.
Pass the peas, please.

[I am not going to go through and edit everything because this is amusing: If you look at the comments section you will see that Thomas is a much better reader than I am. In fact, this snack is called SNAPea Crisps, not SNACKpea Crisps. Way to read, Elysse. Keep up the good work.] [I have “snacks” on the brain.]

This morning co-worker John made a special request that I choose Snackpea Crisps as the Snack of the Afternoon. I had never even noticed them on the shelf before, but just for John I snacked on them this very afternoon.

Snackpea Crisps are basically Cheetos with a slight pea flavoring. John insisted that they were really peas (the main ingredient is peas), but I think that they’re some kind of deep-fried (okay, baked– apparently) pea-mash. This snack is masquerading as a healthy food, but I am very skeptical.

At any rate, the fake-pea chips were pretty tasty. (I think it helps if you like peas. I really like peas.) I don’t want to get addicted… but I think it might be too late. (Keep a water bottle on hand– salty.)

(Also… is Snackpea some sort of play on snap peas? It must be. Right?)

In other news, it’s 9/9/09. That’s cool, but I’m kind of freaked because I remember 9/9/99 as if it were… not a whole decade ago! (I feel so old!) Some MTV awards show aired that day, and all of the commercials for it said, “Nine nine, ninety-nine,” in a British male voice. Remember that? Am I the only one?



4 thoughts on “Snack of the Afternoon, 9/9/09: SNACKPEA CRISPS

  1. I wouldn’t expect those “healthy” snack peas to be any good. I wouldn’t even call them a pea. It’s more of an unnatural looking crisp. Anyway. 9/9/09 added up is 27. The digits of 2 and 7 add up to 9, and 27 is divisible by nine. Go math! Supposedly it’s good luck. And so far, I can’t complain. Too bad the snack wasn’t such a hit.

  2. “(Also… is Snackpea some sort of play on snap peas? It must be. Right?)”

    Umm… check that bag again. No, look closer.



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