More to (Technology Problems)

Technology is working against me.
Technology is working against me.

Okay, remember Monday when I couldn’t get Word Press to be my friend, and the “Mad Men” blog was delayed? (Maybe you don’t remember. I think I tweeted it… because the blog was broken).

ANYWAY, today everybody in the office with a Blackberry is having an emails-aren’t-working problem, so my Snack of the Afternoon photo is stuck in purgatory. (And it was a special-request snack post.) (Sorry John.)

In addition, I did not watch “More to Love” last night, because I worked late. And I will probably work late tonight, too. Not only do I have to catch up on that, but “Glee” and “So You Think You Can Dance” are premiering tonight on FOX. (I’m not sure if I’ll blog about either of them… I’ll probably start SYTYCD with the top 20, depending on what goes down. But still, I want to watch.) (Sort of.)

As we enter into the fall TV season, I am going to have to pick and choose what I recap and talk about, because there are too many shows out there. Just too many shows.

Bottom line: Not too much to say right now. Check back soon. I’m sure the Blackberry people are all over this problem.



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