Snack of the Afternoon, 9/3/09: EATING RIGHT STRAWBERRY SUNDAE CUP

Yeah... about this.
Yeah... about this.

It’s Thursday, and the snack-pickings are slim. So… I ate one of these.

Backstory: We get our groceries delivered from Vons, and we have to order certain items each week to qualify for free shipping. These strawberry ice cream cups were one of those items (Eating Right is a generic Vons brand). We used to have vanilla cups, which were good– until I ate them all.

The best part is the little wooden spoon (nostalgia) and adding a little bit of Magic Shell on top. The worst part is that these things taste really artificial. Also, the “strawberry swirl” looked like clotted blood (and not in a cool vampire way), and was really gummy.

But I got a funny response to my “More to Love” blog from faithful friend/reader Thomas. Let’s feast on his words!

3:18 PM Thomas: Anna says, “You’re gonna pick me, right?” Luke just gives her an uncomfortable look. Uh oh!
at least he didnt lie, right?
3:20 PM ask rachel [Roomie] if someone is a smoothy if they are cold and lumpy
3:22 PM me: haha
Thomas: ok so
here’s my thought
i think luke doesnt really want to marry any of them
me: he just wants a wife and kids
Thomas: so he will choose which girl he wants to bone the most. thus, my prediction is tali
me: haha
3:23 PM Thomas: he likes that it wont work with her family

Good theory, Thomas! Snack of the Afternoon has turned into TV Theory of the Afternoon. I like it! Keep sharing your theories. They’re much more palatable than some of the snacks around these parts.

One thought on “Snack of the Afternoon, 9/3/09: EATING RIGHT STRAWBERRY SUNDAE CUP

  1. He might bone them ALL next week if my pervy prediction of FANTASY DATES comes true!

    ps I watched the Paparazzi video. what a lucky bitch that GaGa is.

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