Snack of the Afternoon, 8/31/09: GREEN GRAPES (and Eggs)

Good times and green grapes.
Good times and green grapes.

We have a whole big mound of fruit in the kitchen today (including mangoes), so this should be a good week of eatin’, fruit-wise.

There was also a new pint (or whatever it’s called) of Americone Dream, so I had a bit of that, too. Hard to resist. And if I had access to my Limeade (from the makers of Simply Orange!), I’d be chugging it. That Limeade was goooood.

While I was fetching this snack, I ran into a co-worker/writer who is also a “True Blood” aficionado (and a jokester). He said that he thinks that Eggs laid that big egg in last night’s episode, and the rest of us snack-seekers laughed. “Where’d he get the nickname from?” he asked, and we said, “His name is Benedict. Eggs Benedict, you see?”

“So you think it’s just lazy writing?” My co-worker asked (and I paraphrase). “He’s been sitting [pun intended?] on the nickname Eggs all season, and now there’s a giant egg? And that’s a coincidence?”

When you put it that way, it kind of makes sense. Is it bananas that I’m seriously considering the Eggs-laid-an-egg hypothesis?

And Jason DID have that line about whether Sam ever turned into a chicken and laid an egg. Maybe they’re setting us up for the weird and wacky possibility that Eggs is a chicken-shifter, or something? We know that Maryann loves shifters.

Or did someone else lay the egg, and Eggs is just the nest-maker/egg-keeper?

Okay, snack on that. (Yuck.)



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