Los Angeles es En Fuego

I took this yesterday: Smoke on the horizon.
I took this yesterday: Smoke on the horizon.

Ugh, you guys. It’s fire season. The ash has finally infiltrated my neighborhood, and I am hiding inside (I get terrible sinus headaches from this crap). (Also, Los Angeles isn’t really that yellow. I enjoy futzing the colors in iPhoto.)

It’s also in the 90s (Fahrenheit… duh) right now. I’m more or less impervious to heat (Roomie is perplexed when she comes home to find me sitting pretty in what she considers unlivable heat), so the fact that I’m complaining means that it’s HOT.

I am heading to the water, to escape the heat and the ash (haha, I think that’s also what one does in the event of a volcano?). But I’ll be back for “True Blood” and “Mad Men.” Of course. SO excited that Eric and Pam are back tonight. So pumped. Of course, all of this Maryann ridiculousness is getting old. I know she’s immortal or whatever, but she HAS TO DIE in the finale. Seriously.

Or at least leave us alone. (And by “us” I mean, Bon Temps.)

Until tonight, here’s a little something that will bring more heat to your life, but in a good way: Movieline’s list of fun facts (and clips) of/about Alexander Skarsgard. I recommend that you follow this with a refreshing cold shower.



2 thoughts on “Los Angeles es En Fuego

  1. drooooooool.

    i don’t remember every being so captivated by a celebrity before! this is serious, i think we could fall in love and have blonde Polish-Swedish babies.

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