TOP CHEF Started Without Me/Fabio Viviani is a Tasty TV Morsel

Fabio (right) and his Euro-BFF Stefan.
Finale-mohawked Fabio (right) and his Euro-BFF Stefan.

Despite the constant commercials on Bravo, somehow I didn’t realize that the new season of “Top Chef” was premiering last night. “Top Chef” is one of those shows that I don’t watch every season, and usually don’t watch from the beginning of a season. Last time around I hopped on the bandwagon about halfway through, and stayed because I LOVED Fabio.

Who can forget his classic lines and phrases, such as “bunky bed” and “This is Top Chef, not Top Pussy”? (And, later, “This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop.”) (And Fabio was from Italy, so he said “poosy” and “scallope.”)

Also, (married) Fabio had a special man-love bond with the shows only other European contestant, Stefan. Fabio was the nicest guy on the block and Stefan had the vibe of an evil super-villain, but somehow they got along like two peas in a bunky bed.

Previous-Roomie (Lauren) and I were distraught when our beloved Fabio was kicked off in the Top 4 episode. Luckily the smart producers brought him back for the finale as a judge. (As I said before, he’s totally invited to join me on my “Rejects of Reality” TV show.)

Fabio’s restaurant, Cafe Firenze, is not too terribly far from here. Someday I hope to make a pilgrimage to the Fabio Mecca, just to bask in the light of his greatness (and eat delicious Italian food).

Maybe for my next birthday (oh yeah, by the way– today is my birthday!).

Back to the matter at hand… I still don’t know if I’m going to watch this season. (Big news, I know.) Let me know how it is, and maybe I’ll jump in later (As “More to Love” Luke would say to Wacky Danielle, “Dive into that, like you’d dive into a swimming pool.”)


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