The Return of PROJECT RUNWAY (Finally)

Tim Gunn radiates fashion wisdom.
Tim Gunn radiates fashion wisdom.

We used to live in a world where “Project Runway” and “Top Chef” never competed with each other, because they were both on Bravo. Now we have a double dose of talent-based reality every week, thanks to “Project Runway’s” move to Lifetime (I am not really equipped to explain the details, but there was a big, litigious fight).

I was so excited about tonight’s “Project Runway” premiere that my mind couldn’t even conceive of “Top Chef” being on last night. Oops!

At any rate, it’s very exciting that “Project Runway” is here again, because for a moment it looked like it had become “Project Run Away and Never Return.” (OY, that was terrible.) And this season was filmed in Los Angeles! I mean, I love seeing New York because… it’s New York (cliche, I know, but I love NYC… except for the urine smell). But it’s also pretty cool to be able to say, “Oh hey, look, they’re showing my town!”

I am neither a foodie/chef (although this “Julie & Julia”/”My Life in France” reading is inspiring me to cook, maybe a little) nor a fashionista (most of my clothes come from Target, although recently I upgraded to a Loehmann’s way of life), but these reality shows pull me in, hook, line and sinker.

If “Project Runway” was THE WIZARD OF OZ, Heidi Klum would be Dorothy (I guess…), Tim Gunn would be the Scarecrow, Michael Kors would be the Cowardly Lion… and Nina Garcia would be the Tin (Wo)Man? Wait, no– Tim Gunn is the Wizard! Heidi is the Good Witch! This is the worst analogy I’ve ever tried to make! I don’t even know where I was going with this!

Suffice it to say, Tim Gunn is my favorite… advisor-person. And Michael Kors is my favorite judge. Together, Tim and MK are basically a factory of hilarious phrases and faces. (Although… Christian Siriano really cornered the market, during his season.) As part of of the new-season promotion fun, you can have a recording of Tim Gunn call your friends? I totally sent a Tim-a-gram to my sister. We all need a little more Tim Gunn in our lives. “Make it work!”

Remember Santino’s imitations of Tim/crazy story about Tim’s love affair with strange-contestant Andrae (to be fair, they’re all a little strange)? Remember when Tim confronted Santino about it, in his typical good-natured Tim way? And Andrae was there, too? Classic moments.

I don’t really think I can comment on the designers until I see tonight’s episode. As I have mentioned a few too many times, tonight is my birthday. I am structuring a mini-party (with Roomie AND Previous-Roomie!) around going to dinner, eating Roomie’s Funfetti cake, and watching “Project Runway.” (I don’t know if I’m going to have the time or inclination to watch the pre-premiere “All-Star Challenge” AND uber-drama model-spotlight weekly post-show “Models of the Runway,” but I’m recording it all, just in case.)

All in all, not a bad way to spend a birthday. Thanks for planning this premiere to coincide with my birthday, Lifetime. I owe you one.


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