More to… GASP!

Whats up with Lukes stomach? Is the thin PHOTOSHOPPED??!
What's up with Luke's stomach? Is the thin PHOTOSHOPPED??!

While digging around for photos to accompany my next “More to Love” post (it’s on tonight! What will Luke say to Heather?!), I stumbled upon this “shocking” story: Luke has a “secret skinny past!”

WHAT WILL KRISTIAN SAY?! Remember how she scorned Malissa A because she gained her weight after high school?

I don’t particularly care… maybe he was pudgy up until high school. Maybe he was manorexic in high school. Maybe he thought he was fat and felt bad about himself, even when he was less fat than he is now. We don’t know his life! Should we begrudge him his fitter years?

The thing that vaguely skeeves me is the idea that Luke is potentially lying to the girls about his past. Ah well, it just shows you that reality TV shows have writers for a reason. Script, script, script.

I’ll still be watching tonight.

And in case you’re wondering, Luke looked hotter at his original Prom. Somebody make posters!

What do you make of all this? Was Luke nervous about Emme’s “surprise” at the MTL Prom because he thought that she would reveal his shameful secret skinny past? Why are we JUDGING him because he used to be thin? Is this reverse fat-ism? I’m so confused.



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