The Death of Death: TRUE BLOOD Episode 209

Hope to replace this with a more relevant pic ASAP.
Hope to replace this with a more relevant pic ASAP.

Episode 209: “I Will Rise Up” Air date: 8/16/09

What happened on True Blood tonight? Here’s a short recap… really! I kind of shed the chronology and went character by character. And some of the snark is lost with the detail. But… it’s readable!

Everyone lived through the bombing, except for Stan, Luke (duh), and a bunch of extras.

Sookie sucked silver out of Eric’s chest after Eric blocked her from the bomb, because she thought he was dying (Eric smiled). The blood-sucking made it so that Eric can sense Sookie’s whereabouts and emotions…

Bill: He’ll be able to sense your emotions.

Sookie: (to Eric) You big lying a-hole!

Eric: Bill, you’re right. I believe I CAN sense her emotions. (HA!)

More importantly, the blood-drinking (“I tried to spit it all out…” Sookie says. HEH!) caused Sookie to have incredibly sexy and romantic dreams about mostly-naked Eric (Eric smiles all over this episode!). Sorry Bill, but Eric wins the sexiest vampire award, hands-down. (How awkward must this be for Alexander Skarsgard, knowing that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are engaged?) Lorena was in the dreams, but it was just an annoying cameo. And Sookie was naked, because she’s a trooper.

Bill spent a lot of time sleeping while Sookie did other stuff. Oh yeah, at the beginning he started to be bad-ass and suck a Fellowship guy dry, but then he wussed out. (Or “showed mercy.” Semantics.)

“We can do everything when we figure out how,” Hoyt says to Jessica, curled on Bill’s couch post-no coitus. That statement baffles me, a little. Jessica thinks Hoyt should break up with her, but Hoyt says, “Hell no… I ain’t perfect either. I’m a guy that people laugh at. Even my friends.” (Oh my gosh, I’M that guy, too!) Continuing: “But you never have. I never want to hear you talk about breaking up.” Awww (?).

Hoyt is proud that Jessica is his girl, and he sings her to sleep from outside of her cubbyhole. Lucky for us, we cut out after a few seconds of singing. “My sweet vampire…” (At least he isn’t pulling a Luke and using “Little Bunny Foo Foo” as the melody.)

(You might notice that the tenses are getting CRAZY. I tried… but in the end, I surrendered.)

Hoyt argued with his mom/Maxine and accused her of being “full of hate” (she cried “crocodile tears,” as my dad calls them), but he still ate her grilled cheese. Maxine agreed to meet Jessica at Merlotte’s, and almost seemed won-over when Jessica said, “Somebody made me a vampire against my will, Ms. Fortenberry. I don’t have a family anymore… except your wonderful son.”

But then Maxine said enough mean things to make Jessica’s fangs pop, and she said, “I can give him everything that a human could.” Then Maxine reminded Jessica that she can never have babies, and Jessica was muy sad, and Hoyt left the bar with Jessica… never to go home to his mama again? (And Mama ended up in the bar with zombie eyes.)

Arlene was stressed because she’s the only waitress who hasn’t been killed (other than Sookie, who has been absent from Merlotte’s all season and doesn’t even count anymore). “What if there’s a curse out there?” she asks Lafayette. He answers, deadpan but not serious, “I’ll look out for you if you look out for me.” Heh.

Terry was back (“Order up! I think.”), and was glad to learn that he had sex with Arlene. “I didn’t mean to be peculiar at you.” They have a confusing make-up. Oh, Terry, you bring the joy.

Lafayette flipped out over Tara’s bruises and got into a barroom brawl with Eggs over whether Eggs was the abuser. YES! (While lunging at Lafayette, Eggs accidentally slammed into Tara, which… sorry, but HA.)

Lafayette and Tara’s mom walked in on Maryann, Tara, and Eggs playing a no-rules (?) game of strip poker. Maryann was intrigued by Lafayette (who isn’t?). “I don’t know what you is,” Lafayette says to Maryann. “But I’m feeling you. And you’s a soul-less bitch.” That’s why he is the smartest.

Lafayette and Tara’s madre kidnapped black-eyed Tara from the House that Used to be Sookie’s (not before another Fight Club moment) and Maryann said that they’d all come back as black-eyed zombies. Oh no! Be strong, Lafayette.

Sam was in jail, but then turned into a fly (don’t get swatted!) and escaped just before Maryann came to use him for her sacrifice, or whatever. He went to Sookie’s and witnessed the whole Tara-napping. By the end he was naked at Andy’s motel, and Andy let him in because… he understands that this shit is crazy. (Also, Sheriff Dearborne has the zombie-eyes now, too.)

Maryann was… y’know, a bitch who wants to sacrifice Sam, and wants everybody to get wild and uncivilized and ecstatic with their love for whatever god is the opposite of the god Godric is looking to meet. She’s really condescending to Tara and Eggs in the “you should want to lose control” scene. And they don’t even throw us a bone with any Carl the Manservant subservient antics to laugh at.

And oh yeah, Jason might start using his brain… maybe. He definitely wears a hotel robe… now he’s on the Robe Side. His scene with Sookie felt oddly sexual. And he’s sad about Gran dying? Oh, because now he and Sookie are really alone in the world. Pouty face! Sad.

The Newlins debated Nan Flanagan on TV, with the paintball bruise still in the middle of Steve’s forehead. Steve and Sarah fought on TV, and she told him that she hates his hair. Ha! On TV!

Nan Flanagan (of the American Vampire League, in case you forgot… and now she’s finally here in person!) was really pissed at Godric, and wanted Godric to resign as Sheriff (he’s cool with that) and sign some paperwork… Isabel’s mayor now, in case you cared. Nan makes some snit about having power because she’s on TV. Of course, everybody (Sookie, Isabel, Eric) tries to defend Godric because he stopped a lot more shit from going down, but Godric doesn’t mind taking the blame. He’s ready to shuffle off this mortal coil, anyhow.

Godric: I’m sorry. I apologize for all the harm I have caused, all our lost ones– human and vampire. I will make amends. I swear.

Nan: Take it easy, it’s just a few signatures.

After that speech, Bill punched Eric in the face, even though it was obviously not the time. (Also, there is a LOT of face-punching on this show. He was filling a quota!) Eric goes to the roof, where Godric is waiting for the sun to rise. Nooooo, Godric! You’re too beautiful to die!

Godric: Two thousand years is enough.

Eric: I cannot accept this. It’s insanity.

Godric: Our existence is insanity… we don’t belong here.

Eric: But we ARE here.

Godric: It’s not right. We’re not right.

Eric: You taught me there is no right or wrong… only survival or death.

Godric: I told a lie, as it turns out.

Eric: I will keep you alive by force.

Godric: Even if you could, why would you be so cruel?

This is the part where I started to cry, because it totally seemed like the type of talk you’d have with an old person who just wants to die already. And then there was Swedish. So I was swooning and crying. And Eric was crying and talking in high-pitched Swedish and sounding like a girl, but it was totally hot. (Eric was in black, Godric was in white, and Sookie was in… pink gingham? Nice symbolic use of color, there.) Godric said the “Father, brother, son” thing (in Swedish) that he said when Eric first met him, and added, “Let me go.” (Somebody bring me a tissue! This is sadder than “More to Love!”)

Eric wanted to die with Godric, but Godric (as his maker) commanded Eric to live. (Thank goodness!) BUT they didn’t make out! I was really hoping for a Godric/Eric makeout… and I maintain that they were lovers, at some point in the past. (Godric says, in Swedish, “There are centuries of faith and love between us.” And Eric told Sookie that he didn’t understand the meaning of love! Psshaw.)

In the end, Sookie stood with Godric as he sacrificed himself to the Sun on the roof of the vamp hotel. (“It won’t take long,” Godric tells her. “Not at my age.) Turns out that Godric gave himself to the Fellowship because he “thought it might fix everything, somehow. But I don’t think like a vampire anymore.” He asks Sookie if she believes in God, and how God will punish him. “God doesn’t punish,” Sookie says. “God forgives.” “I don’t deserve it,” Godric says. “But I hope for it.” The blue pre-dawn light is soooo pretty.

Godric says that he takes the blame for how Eric behaves, and Sookie says, “Eric’s pretty much himself.” His very pretty self! Sookie asks Godric if he’s very afraid, and for the way he says, “No… No! I’m full of joy!” he probably deserves an Emmy. (Also, Alexander Skarsgard deserves an Emmy. And there needs to be a TV series called “Godric & Eric,” all about their antics of olde.)

“I’m afraid for you,” Sookie cried, and I cried. Re: Sookie crying, Godric said, “A human with me at the end. And human tears. Two thousand years, and I can still be surprised.” (Go ahead, give him another Emmy.) “In this I see God.”

For a show that’s obviously not too thrilled about religion, this is surprisingly religious-feeling. But the good, everybody-love-everybody kind of religion.

I recognize that there is a cheese-factor, here. But… sometimes you just have to go with it.

Then the sun rose, and Godric burned in an attractive blue flame (not like nasty-faced Bill when he went in the sun last season). So Godric is the vampire Jesus, but is also looking for Jesus? All righty, then. I’m going to miss him and his all-white styles (and his hottie good looks… hope Allan Hyde’s in another American show/movie ASAP). If I were him I might have killed myself over the very sad loss of the cool bachelor pad… that bomb really destroyed it.

UGH, Godric is gone. What do I have to look forward to, now?

Um, this stuff…

Next week on: Jason and Sookie return to Bon Temps, and find it totally trashed. Carl is back, and Maryann has some living thing to sacrifice (congrats?). Bill doesn’t know how to defeat her?! BILL, WE KNOW YOU READ “Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece.” FIGURE IT OUT. Jason says, “THIS is the war I’ve been training for.” And it involves chainsaws? And vampires bite people. As usual.

How’d you like the new recap? Did the shortness drain the life out of it? Or does it still “do it” for you? (And did the tense-switching drive you mad? It sure drove/drives me mad. Maybe I’ll even go back and fix it… we’ll find out.)

I’m glad “Mad Men” is back on Sunday nights, because I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about the rest of this season. It looks really Maryann-centric. UGH.


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One thought on “The Death of Death: TRUE BLOOD Episode 209

  1. I loved the new recap (Mad Men, too), but I was surprised you didn’t go into more detail on the hotness that was naked Eric. I, personally, haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, haha.

    Sad for Godric. :*(

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