Is REALITY HELL Exactly the Same as JOE SCHMO?

I’m watching some “most notorious women” show on E! (I’m not sure why… I blame it on Roomie), and my ears perked up when I heard a commercial for Reality Hell. A reality show where everyone’s an actor except for the one person they’re pranking. Okay… isn’t that “Joe Schmo?”

The point of divergence seems to be that these people are getting punked in various genres (chefs, models, etc), instead of the one house-staying narrative. Maybe each episode will show a couple of segments from the different fake shows that they shot? But still, exact same premise. I can imagine the pitch meeting: “It’s like Joe Schmo meets… oh wait, it is Joe Schmo.”

It doesn’t look as good as “Joe Schmo,” though. RIP, “Joe Schmo.” 😦

But I might watch it anyway. Sometimes. You know, just to see.


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