Spoiler Alert: Jeanine Mason is “America’s Favorite Dancer”

Heavy is the crown, Jeanine.
Heavy is the crown, Jeanine.

So last night on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Jeanine Mason was crowned “America’s Favorite Dancer.” (Minus the crown?) From the looks of this photo, she was also crowned Miss America? Why is it so pageant-looking?

True confessions: I have not actually watched last night’s episode yet. It may sound crazy that a person who writes a blog about TV goodness somehow misses the finale of one of her favorite shows, which is also a cultural phenomenon. But guess what? Sometimes at night, I do non-TV-related things. (Dating in the Dark!) (Hanging out with vampires!) (This is why DVR was invented.)

I will watch the finale tonight… probably. I heard that a lot of the dancers came back to re-dance this season’s favorites, which… that’s a little bit snooze-worthy. I mean, we just saw those dances. I still have the originals on my DVR. I heard that those little boys danced (again). I hope they launched the tiny one across the stage (again). Love that kid.

In case you’re wondering, Brandon was 2nd, Evan was 3rd (3 is my favorite number) and Kayla was 4th.

And another season is starting in a month. Before you even miss Schmance, it’ll be back.


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3 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: Jeanine Mason is “America’s Favorite Dancer”

  1. This is the first season that I would have been quite happy with any 3 of the Top 4 going into last night’s big finale. Sorry Evan. You’re great, but just not at the caliber of the other 3. I was really happy to see Jeanine win, but would not have been upset at all if Brandon or Kayla had won.

    But that paso doble… wow…

  2. I’m really happy Jeanine won! For me, she was the best girl up there, even better than Kayla! My first choice was Evan, but I gotta admit he was not the best dancer on the show, technically speaking – if one’s gonna get technical about it… All in all, I think she totally deserved it!

  3. Btw: re-watching the finale (yeah, I know, I’m hopeless), something occurred to me: one of Mia’s favorite routines was the one coreographed by Tyce, about breast cancer. And before Melissa and Ade hit the stage again, Tyce had some good news to impart: “Today I learnt that the friend I coreographed this to is cancer free”. Like, great! Wow, that’s awesome! But… I don’t know, it kinda sounded as though the afore mentioned friend was cancer free BECAUSE Tyce had coreographed that! Like cause and consequence!… Of course he didn’t mean it, but still, after all the fuss about that specific routine… And Mia was once again all: “It made us see what’s going on”. Ok, everyone KNOWS breast cancer’s been going on – for quite a while now! They made it sound like pple have the power to stop it, but not the awareness to… gosh…

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