DATING IN THE DARK is Getting Boring

Triple-ditched Chris.
Triple-ditched Chris.

Last night ABC re-aired the first episode of “Dating in the Dark” (the one with Seth) at the same time that Fox re-aired the premiere of “More to Love.” I didn’t realize that they were repeats, and accidentally recorded the old “Dating in the Dark” but not the new one. The new episode was on when I realized what was happening, and somehow I was able to record it backwards or something. I watched it and took my recapper notes, but I’m not going to whip them into shape and post them because… it was not a particularly interesting episode.

Writer-Sasha, the “crazy” woman, said, “My perfect first date would make me laugh so hard I barf or pee my pants.” See what we’re dealing with, here? And Billy Ray was the cutest guy, but he didn’t get along with any of the girls, and seemed to have Issues. (After the initial dates, the non-Chris guys opted out just sat around the kitchen, chilling and eating and giving Chris advice, like next-door neighbors on a sitcom. I think they got the best of both worlds.)

Basically, all three girls liked the same guy (Chris), which was fine with the other guys because they didn’t really like any of the girls, anyway. Chris was a sweet young personal trainer with a tragic, cancer-ridden past. All three girls decided not to meet him on the balcony, even though he wasn’t the “troll” that Sasha worried he might turn out to be. Ditched by three girls! But he shrugged it off, because he’s had worse. (For example… cancer.)

In the end, Chris was too young-looking, too buff, and too focused on starting a family (this isn’t “The Bachelor,” Chris!). The girl he liked best (Jennifer) said, “It breaks my heart, ‘cuz he would be my perfect match.” What? I think she was put off by his youth, but he’s only four years her junior. He called the other two girls “big,” which they’re not. (Also: He’s not attracted to redheads? At all?!) Megan laughs when she says that Chris can surely tell that she doesn’t work out, and her flippant attitude is perfect (not the same Megan as last week).

I wasn’t too shocked that he was triple-ditched, because A) My roommate always says that policemen and personal trainers are a dealbreaker (aka don’t date them) and B) My sister messaged me as I was recapping to tell me that Chris was triple-ditched. Spoiler alert!

Kind of disappointing that they all ditched, because Rossi (who?) said that multiple girls might show up on the balcony, in which case… cat fight! But in the end, it was just sad Chris, sweating it out on the balcony in his oversized suit.

See? I can do a short recap. (The verb tenses are all over the place because I wrote this by the seat of my seat, but who cares? It’s “Dating in the Dark.” You can’t see tenses in the dark!)

The reason why it was boring was that everybody (except Chris) realized it was just a show, and didn’t care that much about what happened. Haha. Good call! Except… snooze.


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2 thoughts on “DATING IN THE DARK is Getting Boring

  1. Agreed Rachel. And yes, it was boring. It was so much better when there were 3 separate couples. Seeing Chris revealed three times in the light was a yawn. All 3 girls seemed to be slight misfits (Sasha the crazy aggressor, Megan the semi rockabilly girl, and Jennifer, the military lady who chewed on EVERYTHING). I want to see normal people!

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