On Tap (Soon): True Blood Recap

Hey friends,

So, in the interest of my own personal life (I’m not a vampire!) the True Blood recap for episode 207: “Release Me,” is not finished. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow. (I’ll definitely have the first 25 minutes ready for a Part One tomorrow, if not the full recap. But fingers crossed for the whole enchilada tomorrow.)

You say you want some spoilers? Okay, spoiler alert! Bill wears a robe IN THE PAST. And it’s not the brown hotel robe! (Bill loves robes.) Also, Sam punches Daphne in the face. It’s a very satisfying punch. I lived vicariously through that punch! And (not really a spoiler) Maryann is a maenad. On behalf of all of us, Sam is very WTF? about the whole Maryann storyline. (He’s pretty much taking on the role of the viewer this week.) Oh yeah, and maybe Andy is a little more than human? (Or a little less?)

Also, Hoyt is the 28-year-old virgin (I thought he was the same age as Jason… is Jason older than Sookie?), and thinks that “Bleeding Love” is a sexy sex song. (Maybe it is for vampires?)

And–oh yeah– Daphnie DIES.

Ha, why am I even doing a full recap now?

Because we all know that the fun is in the details.


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