Snack of the Afternoon, 7/31/09: JOE JOE’S w/ PEANUT BUTTER

Does my depravity know no bounds?
Does my depravity know no bounds?

As my 9th grade European History teacher used to say, Necessity is the mother of invention. Working in an office, there are only x number of afternoon snacks to choose from. Sometimes, I choose to think out of the box and MacGuyver a special snack for myself, using whatever’s at hand. (Someday soon I’ll tell you the story of the MacGuyver’d rootbeer float– THAT was a triumph.)

Maybe I’m doing this out of order. I probably should have made regular Joe Joe’s my snack of the day first. Then I could have slowly introduced you to the concept of the peanut buttered Joe Joe.

Long story short: Joe Joe’s are the Trader Joe’s brand’s “healthier” version of Oreos (they come in other flavors that are less Oreo-like, but the chocolate ones are my favorite). I am not a big fan of the cream/creme filling, because as a kid I was told that the Oreo filling is lard. Even though I know that Joe Joe’s are supposedly healthy (I generally mistrust claims of nutritiousness), I generally scrape out the frosting. One fine day I thought, what if I replace the frosting? What if I replace it with PEANUT BUTTER?! Hence, today’s snack.

You might be wondering why the milk looks so funky. It’s soy milk, people. Slowly but surely, you are learning all of my secrets. I am a soy milk drinker, and proud of it. (Just a little vestige of my 2-month experiment with veganism, circa late spring 2005.)

Does anybody have suggestions for other wacky replacements? I want to snack on your anecdotes!



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