Snack of the Afternoon, 7/30/09: COMMISSARY FROZEN YOGURT

The colors! The colors!
The colors! The colors!

On days when our set happens to break for lunch after the commissary closes, we buy out the commissary for half an hour, and the crew can take anything they want. Generally I just eat in the office, but today at lunch we were having a last-minute surprise mariachi birthday party (right…). Since I was in the comm anyway, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get free frozen yogurt. (I actually wanted to grab free sushi, free lemonade, free everything… but it didn’t feel socially acceptable to hoard half of the commissary.)

Unfortunately the machine had just been refilled, so I didn’t exactly get a robust amount of ice cream. (Yes, I interchange “ice cream” and “frozen yogurt”… deal with it.) The best way to describe the way the ice cream was coming out involves a sphincter, so I won’t go there. (Maybe I just did.) I made up for the lack of ice cream with the toppings. I know that rainbow sprinkles are essentially wax, but they’re so delicious to me!

Enjoy your last few hours before the sad inevitability of the SYTYCD eliminations.


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