Snack of the Afternoon, 7/27/09: AUSTRALIAN “LIQUORICE”

Would a kangaroo lie to you?
Would a kangaroo lie to you?

I first encountered Australian liquorice when I was in high school. My friend Elena offered me a piece, and I was intrigued. (And so I began my downward spiral into drugs…) (Just kidding.)

Now, there are a couple of different brands of Australian liquorice, and I can never remember which brand I like best, or which flavor I prefer in any of those brands (hence, the two flavors above). This leads to a lot of disappointing purchases. My favorite brand (or at least, I think it’s my favorite) is available at Target, but they are ALWAYS out. Some greedy wallaby is buying it all up. (Maybe Australian liquorice contains traces of plutonium, and Doc Brown has been buying it in bulk to power his flux capacitor.) (If that is the case, I am going to stop eating this stuff ASAP.)

I don’t think the brand pictured is my favorite (it’s a little gummier), but it’s decent stuff. (The Target stuff has really similar packaging, and I get confused.) And it’s available in droves at Cost Plus World Market, which is one of my favorite stores to peruse. They have snacks from around the world! Including British chocolate, which tastes less waxy than American chocolate (you may not believe me, but that has been proven by science).

I bought today’s snack at the Cost Plus in the Grove/Farmer’s Market yesterday, during my impromptu “somebody has swine flu” (snow) day off from work. The woman at the counter asked if we were on our way to the movies, because apparently people love to sneak stuff from Cost Plus into the movies. “With a big enough purse, you could even sneak a bottle of wine,” she said. (She was one of my favorite checker-outers of all time.) “Or we could just bring those little personal bottles of wine,” I pointed out. There’s another reason to love those mini bottles of wine, besides the cuteness factor.

So yeah, Australian liquorice. If you are a liquorice person (and I am), give it a try. Also, licorice. Ah, that felt good. My brain was hurting from not being sure how to spell licorice the American way. The British spelling made me lose confidence. Thanks, spellcheck!

Happy hunting.


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One thought on “Snack of the Afternoon, 7/27/09: AUSTRALIAN “LIQUORICE”

  1. For some reason, the Darrell Lea strawberry licorice in the plastic containers at Trader Joe’s are better. I have no idea why.

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