Tasty TV Morsel: Jeanine Mason from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

Pretty sexy: Jeanines the queen.
Pretty sexy: Jeanine's the queen.

This is a watershed day: My first female Tasty Morsel! And why not? I can admire females all I want! If you read last week’s recap, you know that I have a major girl crush on Jeanine. As in, wish I could look that good in a tattered military uniform and/or a sports bra thingy and some bicycle shorts. And, you know, dance like whoa.

And why post it on a Monday? Good question. Mondays are a sort of doldrums day for SYTYCD fans. It’s been a long time since Thursday, and we still have several days to go until Wednesday. On top of that, I have the day off from work, thanks to a swine flu outbreak. No joke! It’s my first snow day ever, and it’s 80 degrees F out here.

After the tremendous outpouring from Evan Kasprzak’s fans last week (thanks, you guys!), I just want to give them a shoutout and reassure them that I am still all about Evan. At this point all the dancers are great, so why not spread the love? Collect ’em all!

From the first week of the top 20, Jeanine was a force to be reckoned with. She’s a contemporary dancer, but she matched hip-hoppity-hopper Phillip Chbeeb in their hip hop routine. And let’s be honest: Jeanine and Phillip were an adorable couple. I was hoping that they were an off-screen item, even though it seemed like Phillip might have been dating the girl he auditioned with (or maybe no girls at all! I’m sure that somebody will correct me, if I’m off-base here).

Being paired with Phillip was a blessing and a curse because he already had such a big SYTYCD fan base, having been featured on the show last year. But right away I knew that Jeanine could rise to the challenge, because she glows with mega-watt star quality (that’s why she’s still here… RIP Phillip.) (You’re not really dead! Whew.) Seriously, I would have to rewind and watch Phillip and Jeanine separately, because they were both total eye-magnets.

And whatever the judges said, I loved every dance Jeanine and Phillip did. The tango? Sexy. (When Jeanine reappropriated it and used it as her solo dance? Cool callback!) The Russian dance? (Does Nigel has some sort of beef with Russia and Poland?) I thought it was fun!

And remember when she wore the Amy Winehouse costume?

Can we talk about the fact that Jeanine is 18 years old?! When I was 18, I was just learning how to walk and chew gum at the same time. If you Google Jeanine or look her up on the Youtubes, you will find that she is already the Queen of Dance. I’m sure that she’s very famous in the dance community and everyone’s saying, “Ho hum, Jeanine, we know you’re great. You’ve been around for years and years.” But I am not in the dance community, and I say, “Color me impressed, Your Majesty.” (Also, Jeanine rhymes with “queen.” Coincidence? I think not.)

Can we also talk about how beautiful Jeanine is? Ye Gods, she’s like a Disney Princess come to life. She has a great body, and not in the twiggy sense. Jeanine is made of muscles. She could beat up a gang of thugs. And yet she still rocks the flowy gowns and princess. I admire that duality in a woman.

And she is so poised! 18 years old! And when she was a girl, they told her she didn’t have the right legs for dancing. (Whoever “they” were, they were wrong.)

But the real reason that Jeanine gets my Tasty Morsel seal of approval on this Monday afternoon is that her solos are amazing. Remember how I was kind of stumped by the cancer dance? I realized that it was partially because Jeanine’s “Let the Drummer Kick” solo, which came just before that dance, MOVED ME MORE THAN THE CANCER DANCE. If I was going to shed a tear between one commercial break and the next, I would have shed it for Jeanine’s dance (instead, I just rewound it and watched it a bunch of times in a row). Those quick kicks were like sonic booms for my eyes. Wham! Pow! Out of nowhere! Stealthy.

And the “Moonlight Sonata” dance? Forget about it. The precision of her movies, the sync with the music, the costumes, the emotion, the choice of song… no wonder this girl is a Hall of Famer. Mein Gott! I always get really upset when the timer cuts her off, because her solos pull me in like whoa. Don’t cut her off like that, countdown clock!

The first time that Jeanine and Phillip got in the bottom three, Cat called it a blessing in disguise, because she really wanted to see their solos. I was right there with Cat, especially because Jeanine didn’t get to dance in her own style until really late in the game. (And when she finally did– remember the Travis Wall dance, with Jason? Of course you do.) Can you believe how well she did in all those not-her-style styles? And bonus points forever that she danced to the “Moses Supposes” song from “Singin’ in the Rain” (oddly, one of my favorite songs ever), and swallowed a pillow-full of feathers for her craft.

Jeanine is so good that I’m always super-pumped for the guy who gets paired with her. I don’t think we’ve seen her dance with Evan yet, and I have my fingers crossed that she’ll dance with either Evan or Ade this week (or both).

After last week’s performance show, my mom called me, distraught. “Jeanine’s going home this week,” she fretted. “They judges didn’t like her waltz.” I told my mom to chill. “Chill, Mom. Jeanine’s going to be fine.” And with the demise of Janette this week (their names were too similar! Apparently, there was only room for one J-girl from Florida), Jeanine just might end up being the top girl of the year, if not “America’s favorite dancer.” (Let’s be honest: At this point, they’re all winners.) (RIP Janette! You’re not really dead!)

So Jeanine, I can’t wait to see you dance this week. (DANCE FOR YOUR LIFE!) You’re a reliable and lovely dancer. You also give off a bit of a dangerous vibe sometimes, and I like that. If you’re part-bitch, part-nice, that’s totally relatable! Nobody’s perfect. And who says that you have to be nice to be perfect? Not I, I say. (And please please please– try not to get swine flu. It’s all over Los Angeles, apparently.) (Or at least, all over my office, in theory.)

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8 thoughts on “Tasty TV Morsel: Jeanine Mason from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

  1. I loved it! I’m so with you on that one! When it comes to SYTYCD, I’m all about Evan, no matter what the judges say – but Jeanine is awesome, and by far the best girl up there! I really liked Janette, and I think Kayla is too good to be constantly in the bottom; but Jeanine’s just got it! I could watch her over and over again (I actually have, lol, I’m still re-watching Travis Wall’s routine she danced with Jason! Can’t get enough of that!). She even made me like Jason better after that dance (he really didn’t do anything for me…). And… OMG, I can’t believe she’s 18!!! I didn’t know that!!! I’m in awe!!! To have such beauty, talent and poise at 18… I’m 24 and I haven’t got not even a tenth part of all that, lol…
    I do hope that, if Evan doeesn’t win, she does! She, too, deserves the crown (“Heavy is the crown, Jeanine!”).

  2. ahaha im just as obsessed with her as you! me and my friend have thee biggest girl crushes on her its insane!!! wednesdays are like my favorite days now so i get to watch her! i realllly hope she wins! :]

  3. “But the real reason that Jeanine gets my Tasty Morsel seal of approval on this Monday afternoon is that her solos are amazing. Remember how I was kind of stumped by the cancer dance? I realized that it was partially because Jeanine’s “Let the Drummer Kick” solo, which came just before that dance, MOVED ME MORE THAN THE CANCER DANCE.”

    couldn’t have said it better myself!! i felt like i didn’t have a heart cause everyone else was so shook up over the cancer dance..it was great, but jeanine’s solos are absolutely amazing!!!! great article.

  4. What jumps out at me, and THANK YOU for mentioning it, is that Jeanine is a real young woman, with a REAL WOMANS BODY!! How dare they tell her legs would keep her from dancing!! I hope they are watching and sinking into a giant low now.. for being so cruel! It reminds me of the movie Center Stage! Young woman out ther, you can be anything you want to be,fgollow your dream and don’t let anyone tell you different! Enough of telling our teens anorexic bodys are strong and sexy:(
    Her rumba tonight, could not have been sexier, she keeps her makeup in check, and doesn’t flaunt! Doesn’t need to, actractive energy in every way, not just her dance. She’ll go far regardless, she goes from a hip hop cool chick to a confident princess with ease and all with so much excitement just jumping right out of her.. Guys please take note, this is what a real woman is!! Forget the spoiled shallow bulimecs. I bet she even eats a burger now and then. Love her!

  5. This is the first time I’ve read your articles and I’m impressed. And ditto on how amazing Jeanine is, I’ve been watching this show since the beginning and I don’t think I’ve ever been moved as much when I’m watching Jeanine dance, even just a solo. She is so real, with her killer-I can take on any guy-body. 🙂 I think she’s a fantastic role model for young dancers to see just how beautiful you can be with a buff body. Jeanine seems to have more personality than anyone else on the show too, even watching her tonight giving kisses and yelling out to the audience, I think she’s got America wrapped around her finger and I can’t wait for the finale, she has to be the winner!! We love you Jeanine you rock!!!

  6. Elysse, I’m with you on Jeanine and the girl crush. I think Kayla’s done really well too, but I’ve fallen for Jeanine’s raven-haired girl-next-door charm, talent and versatility, and surprising sex appeal. So I think she can dance.

  7. ppl after my own heart I too have a girl crush on Jeanine. She is just 2 amazing 4 words really i cant stop watching u-tube just re watching her dances. (sigh) i hope i get 2 meet her one day she’s just so gorgeous and full of life and she actually drew me into this season. Kayla is kewl and all but I was watching her and she just lifts up her skirt, kicks her leg out and twirls pretty unspectacular but Jeanine!!! Jeanine really caught me with her beauty and sass and spirit (sigh)i just had 2 get it out of my system…luv ya Jeanine mwah

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