Snack Trek, 7/25/09: Diddy Riese in Westwood

The greatest invention of all time?
The greatest invention of all time?

(Yes, that is a big ugly cameo by my generally non-monstrous hand, and a lovely little bit of my foot.)

I told you that I wasn’t going to post a Snack of the Afternoon this weekend, because I wasn’t going to be afternoon-snacking in the office. But I forgot that weekend snacks are the best snacks, because we’re free to roam the city. So… welcome to the first Snack Trek!

I rarely venture west of La Cienega (unless I’m going to the beach), but I made an exception for an old friend who was hanging out at his alma mater (not mine). Well, really I made the exception because he said we’d go to Diddy Riese, and because roomie so graciously offered to drive (I hadn’t slept in two days).

Diddy Riese is sort of a Los Angeles institution. It’s no In ‘n Out, but it is the type of thing that people will drive across town to obtain. In traffic, that’s no small feat. The cookies are large and soft, and a bit greasy. The ice cream is Dreyer’s (Edie’s for you East Coasters), which is generally a safe bet. The real kicker? Two cookies and a large scoop of ice cream (an ice cream sandwich of the highest order) will only set you back $1.50.

The best part was that the lady in front of us ordred in Spanish. She was a blonde lady, probably in her 50s, and definitely American. I felt like I was on a high school Spanish class field trip, and she was our teacher. The cherry on top? The guy behind the counter repeated everything she said in English. “Tres leches, por favor.” “Three milks? Okay.”

We walked across the street and sat on the steps of some UCLA building, eating our snacks and chatting. After a few minutes, one of the members of our party said, “Um, I think you guys oversold this. It’s not that great.” That’s The Truth About Diddy Riese. Great in theory, amazing price, but not the best cookie you’ll ever have. Not even close, really. I have the same letdown every time I go to Souplantation. It’s so much better in my dreams!

Afterwards we went to a Chevron and bought water bottles. That was even more refreshing than the ice cream. Luckily, they were also giving out free moist towlettes. We had all forgotten to take napkins at Diddy Riese, and our hands were sticky.

Diddy Riese: Okay. Chevron: Better than expected!

After that we were so over Westwood, so we took a ride around OJ’s old neighborhood and listened to Semisonic on 98.7. Throwback to the ’90s!

Best part of the ride? Hearing this crazy story about a shark on a train. (I don’t really work out. Instead, I seek out really funny things to laugh at. Work those abs!) Get those mother-f’ing sharks off this mother-f’ing train! But the end of the story is kind of sad. RIP shark. I hope they give you a burial at sea.


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One thought on “Snack Trek, 7/25/09: Diddy Riese in Westwood


    We listened to THIRD EYE BLIND, not Semisonic!

    But you made up for it by referencing me (if not in name) at least twice.

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