Snack of the Afternoon, 7/24/09: PRINGLES

Once you pop, the fun dont stop.
Once you pop, the fun don't stop.

Sometimes in the afternoon when my soul feels heavy and the world seems to be caving in around me, Pringles are the only thing that can fill the void (RED FLAG!). I like to stick the whole chip into my mouth and then crunch down on it. Ah, release. In that moment, I know that everything’s going to be all right.

Pringles saved my life today.

Also, we just got our kitchen budget cut (no more fruit leathers), and Pringles are cheap. And salty.

Every time I eat Pringles, I think of that old commercial with the girl making a duck bill out of Pringles. And all of those other crazy Pringles commercials from back in the day. Remember the “Ooh mow mow” Pringles song (would it even be possible to forget it)? Tubular!

Furthering today’s theme of vague animal abuse, here’s this. Here, kitty kitty. Now you’re more like a sardine than a cat.

I snack so much less now that I blog all the time. You’re killing me, Larry!

Okay, no more Afternoon Snacks until Monday. Eventually I’m going to run out of these, or have to start bringing my own.



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