Snack of the Afternoon, 7/21/09: KAKOR CHOKLADFLARN

Kakor Chokladflarn
The Swedish are experts at everything.

It’s not actually the afternoon anymore, but I’m at work, where’s it’s always “72 and fluorescent,” as I like to say. And I tried this several hours ago– before The Daily Binge even existed.

I have been waiting to try today’s snack for several weeks. Co-worker John really hyped it up, telling me that it’s an office favorite (news to me). Today he finally trekked to IKEA to obtain a new batch, and I happened to be in the kitchen (fate!) when he arrived with the loot. In case you’re wondering, Kakor Chokladflarn translates to “Double Chocolate Crisps” (or so the packaging claims…).

When it comes to cookies I’m definitely into the ooey gooey variety, but I was at peace with the crispy crunch of this cookie, perhaps because it wasn’t a tooth-breaker (and because– come on, the Swedish! Just wait until we get to my True Blood recap). And, as the box says, there is chokladflarn involved. Never say no to chocolate in the afternoon. Never say never, either.

Spoiler alert: I only ate one. That’s a plus. I wish I could say I only ate one Pringle chip for my afternoon snack last week, that’s all I’m saying. (And I definitely ate more than the Kakor for my afternoon snack today– this is the one thing I’m choosing to tell you about. I have to keep up a facade of dignity, here.)

I think the best part about this snack is the name and the packaging. But, as my dad often says re: food, presentation is everything (except when it’s not, I say).

No regrets about the Kakor. Is it an everyday snacking staple? I was going to insert the Swedish phrase for “Probably not,” but when I googled “Swedish words” I found this, which is much better:

…och det spelar ingen roll ändå om hon ser ganska tjock ut, eller hur?

Translation: …and it doesn’t matter anyway if she looks fat, does it?

PC Cookie Monster says, “Cookies are a sometimes snack.” I think the Kakor falls into that category. Other cookies… well, we’ll save that for another day.




One thought on “Snack of the Afternoon, 7/21/09: KAKOR CHOKLADFLARN

  1. Quite randomly found this blog post, and couldn’t help but stick around to leave a message – being Swedish and all. However, even if I consider IKEA as my second home, I have never seen those particular cookies there. America got the cookies, we got the ability to pronounce their stuff. Fair?

    Anyway, chokladflarn, or the kind without chocolate, called havreflarn, are best when grandma made them. I do imagine IKEA’s kind being quite nice as well.

    And just to be true to the nitpick inside me, Kakor Chokladflarn translates to Cookies Chocolate flats, and chocolate flats is simply the name of this kind of cookies.

    Now I’ll go back to browsing through this blog.

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