Hello world!

Glaciers dont eat snacks, watch TV, or read blogs. Pity for them. Oh wait... they dont care.
The world doesn't care about this blog, and vice versa.

The world needs another blog like it needs a hole in its head (which for the world is the Ozone layer, I guess? The ice caps?). And it needs another person blogging about snacking and TV… even less than it needs a hole in the Ozone layer. But guess what? There IS a hole in the Ozone layer, and this IS a blog about snacking and TV. Let the terrible metaphors flow, like water melting off the the ice caps. Somebody stop me!

But seriously, when I decided to start a blog, I looked at my Twitter and saw that it’s all about TV shows and snack foods. I might as well stick with my strengths (which also happen to be my weaknesses). Together we will binge on all of the guilty pleasures in life– and we’ll also stamp the big stamp of PURGE upon anything that… tastes like cardboard.

Things to look forward to:

Snack of the Afternoon (the best time to snack)

The Search for the Best Curly Fries in LA

Television Recaps (esp. True Blood– I may be a human, but I binge on True Blood like no other!)

If you happen to stumble upon this site looking for information on anorexia or bulimia, know that I’m not about any of that, not at all. I’m just about fun and smiles. But I encourage you to GET HELP, because food is the funnest part of life. (Yes, I have a story, but I don’t feel like sharing it now.)




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